Escherichia coli in the Americas

  • Alfredo G. Torres

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xviii
  2. Roberto M. Vidal, Nayaret L. Chamorro, Jorge A. Girón
    Pages 1-26
  3. Waldir P. Elias, Fernando Navarro-Garcia
    Pages 27-57
  4. Isabel C. A. Scaletsky, Ulysses Fagundes-Neto
    Pages 59-76
  5. Tânia A. T. Gomes, Denise Yamamoto, Mônica A. M. Vieira, Rodrigo T. Hernandes
    Pages 77-96
  6. Marta Rivas, Isabel Chinen, Beatriz E. C. Guth
    Pages 97-123
  7. Mario Meza-Segura, Teresa Estrada-Garcia
    Pages 125-147
  8. Analía I. Etcheverría, Paula M. A. Lucchesi, Alejandra Krüger, Adriana B. Bentancor, Nora L. Padola
    Pages 149-172
  9. Lucía Galli, Victoria Brusa, Ricardo Rodríguez, Marcelo Signorini, Juan M. Oteiza, Gerardo A. Leotta
    Pages 173-203
  10. Janaína L. Leite, Thaís C. G. Rojas, Renato P. Maluta, Wanderley Dias de Silveira
    Pages 205-220
  11. Fernando Navarro-Garcia, Fernando Ruiz-Perez, Mariano Larzábal, Angel Cataldi
    Pages 221-249
  12. Marina S. Palermo, José Flores-Figueroa, Mercedes Paredes-Paredes
    Pages 251-280
  13. Claudia F. Martinez de la Peña, Glen D. Armstrong, Margarita M. P. Arenas-Hernández, Roberto J. Cieza
    Pages 281-299
  14. Theresa J. Ochoa, Oscar G. Gómez-Duarte
    Pages 301-322
  15. Mauricio J. Farfán, Jorge A. Girón
    Pages 323-341
  16. Elizabeth Miliwebsky, Felipe Schelotto, Gustavo Varela, Daniela Luz, Isabel Chinen, Roxane M. F. Piazza
    Pages 343-369
  17. Back Matter
    Pages 371-384

About this book


Bacterial diarrheal diseases remain an important leading cause of preventable death, especially among children under five in developing countries. In the American continent, diarrheal disease and other health complications caused by Escherichia coli constitute a major public health problem, and, therefore, several research groups have dedicated their effort to understand this pathogen and provide feasible solutions to prevent, treat and reduce E. coli infections.

The Latin American Coalition for Escherichia coli Research (LACER) was created as a multidisciplinary network of international research groups working with E. coli with the ultimate goal of advancing understanding of E. coli, and to prepare the next generation of American E. coli investigators. As such, this book compiles the knowledge of these investigators about E. coli, a commensal bacteria living inside its host, and a pathogen causing disease in animals and humans. 

Escherichia coli in the Americas contains a series of 15 chapters written by experts, covering basic concepts regarding the different categories of E. coli, including their environmental niche, virulence mechanisms, host reservoir, and disease outcomes, as well as diagnosis, vaccine development and treatment. This book's target audience include trainees and students learning about the basic and clinical aspects of E. coli pathogenesis, as well as experts around the globe who wish to learn more about this pathogen and the public health impact this bacteria has in America.


Commensal Escherichia Coli Diarrhea Extraintestinal Infection Intestinal Infection Pathogenic Escherichia Coli Vaccine Virulence

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  • Alfredo G. Torres
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  1. 1.Department of Microbiology and ImmunologyUniversity of Texas Medical BranchGalvestonUSA

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