Colonization, Proselytization, and Identity

The Nagas and Westernization in Northeast India

  • Tezenlo Thong

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  3. The Colonization and Proselytization

  4. The Pursuit of Naga Ethnic and Political Identity

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About this book


This book examines the formation of identity of the Nagas in northeast India in light of the proselytizing efforts by the Americans and the colonization by the British in their search for control over areas inhabited by the Nagas which were perfect for tea plantations. The author explores the westernization of Naga culture, its effect on the Naga Nationalist movement, and how it has led to the formation of modern Naga identity. As a unique indigenous group, the colonization of the Naga people offers fresh insights into our understanding of the processes and effects of colonization in India, as well as its long-term negative effects, particularly with regards to the preservation of traditional beliefs and customs.

Tezenlo Thong (PhD in Religious and Theological Studies) is a researcher and writer, interested in Indigenous Peoples’ cultural and religious traditions, colonization, proselytization, and colonial/postcolonial studies. He is the author ofProgress and Its Impact on the Nagas: A Clash of Worldviews.


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