Exploring Classical Greek Construction Problems with Interactive Geometry Software

  • Ad Meskens
  • Paul Tytgat

Part of the Compact Textbooks in Mathematics book series (CTM)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xii
  2. Ad Meskens, Paul Tytgat
    Pages 1-9
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    Pages 11-26
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    Pages 27-41
  5. Ad Meskens, Paul Tytgat
    Pages 43-53
  6. Ad Meskens, Paul Tytgat
    Pages 55-74
  7. Ad Meskens, Paul Tytgat
    Pages 75-104
  8. Ad Meskens, Paul Tytgat
    Pages 105-119
  9. Ad Meskens, Paul Tytgat
    Pages 121-126
  10. Back Matter
    Pages 127-185

About this book


In this book the classical Greek construction problems are explored in a didactical, enquiry based fashion using Interactive Geometry Software. The book traces the history of these problems, stating them in modern terminology. By focusing on constructions and the use of GeoGebra the reader is confronted with the same problems that ancient mathematicians once faced. The reader can step into the footsteps of Euclid, Viète and Cusanus amongst others and then by experimenting and discovering geometric relationships far exceed their accomplishments. Exploring these problems with the neusis-method lets him discover a class of interesting curves.

By experimenting he will gain a deeper understanding of how mathematics is created. More than 100 exercises guide him through methods which were developed to try and solve the problems. The exercises are at the level of undergraduate students and only require knowledge of elementary Euclidean geometry and pre-calculus algebra. It is especially well-suited for those students who are thinking of becoming a mathematics teacher and for mathematics teachers.


Delian problem straightedge and compass ruler and compass GeoGebra neusis circle quadrature duplication of the cube doubling the cube trisection interactive geometry enquiry based learning heptagon Euclid

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  2. 2.AntwerpenBelgium

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