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Statistical Physics of Wave Interactions

A Unified Approach to Mode-Locking and Random Lasers


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This thesis reveals the utility of pursuing a statistical physics approach in the description of wave interactions in multimode optical systems. To that end, the appropriate Hamiltonian models are derived and their limits of applicability are discussed. The versatility of the framework allows the characterization of ordered and disordered lasers in open and closed cavities in a unified scheme, from standard mode-locking to random lasers. With the use of replica method and Monte Carlo simulations, the models are categorized on the basis of universal properties, and nontrivial predictions of experimental relevance are obtained. In particular, the approach makes it possible to nonperturbatively treat the interplay between disorder and nonlinearity and to envisage novel and fascinating physical phenomena such as glassy random lasers, providing a novel way to experimentally investigate replica symmetry breaking.


Glassy Random Laser Spin Glass in Optics Replica Symmetry Breaking in Laser Mode-Locking Transition Nonlinear Optics in Random Media Spin Wave in XY Model Spherical p-spin Model GPU Monte Carlo Simulations of Spin Models Stability Analysis of RSB solutions Physics of Open Systems

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