The Origins and Development of Problem Behavior Theory

The Collected Works of Richard Jessor

  • Richard┬áJessor

Part of the Advancing Responsible Adolescent Development book series (ARAD)

Table of contents

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  2. Richard Jessor
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  3. Richard Jessor
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  4. Richard Jessor, Theodore D. Graves, Robert C. Hanson, Shirley L. Jessor
    Pages 43-55
  5. Richard Jessor, Shirley L. Jessor
    Pages 57-72
  6. Richard Jessor, John Edward Donovan, Frances Marie Costa
    Pages 73-88
  7. John E. Donovan, Richard Jessor
    Pages 89-109
  8. John E. Donovan, Richard Jessor, Frances M. Costa
    Pages 111-116
  9. Richard Jessor, Jill Van Den Bos, Judith Vanderryn, Frances M. Costa, Mark S. Turbin
    Pages 131-153
  10. Richard Jessor, Mark S. Turbin, Frances M. Costa, Qi Dong, Hongchuan Zhang, Changhai Wang
    Pages 155-180
  11. Richard Jessor, Mark S. Turbin
    Pages 181-203
  12. Richard Jessor
    Pages 205-210
  13. Back Matter
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About this book


This book, the first in a series of collected works, traces the evolution of Problem Behavior Theory from its inception to its current status as a widely used framework for understanding and addressing risky behavior in youth and young adults. The theory is explored from its beginnings as a study of deviant behavior and alcohol abuse in a tri-ethnic community through its expansion to include psychosocial aspects of development, risk and protective factors, and health behavior in the larger societal context of youth behavior. In its current form, Problem Behavior Theory constitutes an interdisciplinary approach to research personal and societal factors that are involved   in both normative and problematic behavior. Chapters highlight the many contributions of the theory to social science and its potential for informing evidence-based intervention and prevention programs for youth and young adults.

Topics featured in this book include:

  • The Tri-Ethnic Community Study.
  • The Socialization of Problem Behavior in Youth Study.
  • The Young Adult Follow-up Study.
  • The problem behavior syndrome.
  • The cross-national generality of Problem Behavior Theory.
  • Problem Behavior Theory and adolescent pro-social behavior.


The Origins and Development of Problem Behavior Theory is a must-have resource for researchers/professors, clinicians, and related professionals as well as graduate students in social and developmental psychology, criminology/criminal justice, public health, social work, and related disciplines.


Adolescent behavior and development Adolescent problem behavior in China Adolescent problem behavior in the United States Cross-national generality of Problem Behavior Theory Deviant behavior and adolescence Dynamics of protection during adolescence Dynamics of risk during adolescence Emerging adulthood and Problem Behavior Theory Personality and deviant behavior in youth Problem behavior during emerging adulthood Problem Behavior Theory and adolescent development Problem Behavior Theory and Young Adulthood Prosocial behavior and Chinese adolescents Prosocial behavior and U.S. adolescents Protective factors in adolescence Psychosocial development and adolescent problem behavior Replication and Problem Behavior Theory Risky behavior and adolescents Society and deviant behavior during adolescence Young adulthood and problem behavior

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