Radical Social Change in the United States

Badiou's Apostle and the Post-Factual Moment

  • Joanna Swanger

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About this book


This book tackles the question of why the United States is so resistant to radical change towards economic justice and peace. Taking full stock of the despair that launched the popular support for Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump, Swanger historicizes the political paralysis of post-1974 United States that deepened already severe economic inequalities, asking how the terrain for social movements in the early  twenty-first-century US differs from that of the 1960s.  This terrain is marked by the entrenchment of neoliberalism, anti-intellectualism, and difficulties paradoxically posed by the ease of social media. Activists now must contend with a paralyzing “post-factual” moment. Alain Badiou’s thought informs this book on breaking through contemporary political paralysis.  


Alain Badiou Radicalism Political Philosophy Peace Studies Post-factual Moment historical memory identity politics social movements media representation neoliberalism Christian Right leftist politics media studies peace studies visual image conflict resolution 1960s conflict resolution Foucault

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