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Natural and Constructed Wetlands

Nutrients, heavy metals and energy cycling, and flow

  • Jan Vymazal


  • Provides information about intensification of constructed wetlands treatment efficiency

  • Combines information from both natural and constructed wetlands

  • Broadens the understanding of the role of wetlands in global warming mitigation


Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xv
  2. Denice H. Wardrop, M. Siobhan Fennessy, Jessica Moon, Aliana Britson
    Pages 1-22
  3. Anne-Grete Buseth Blankenberg, Adam M. Paruch, Lisa Paruch, Johannes Deelstra, Ketil Haarstad
    Pages 23-40
  4. Adam M. Paruch, Trond Mæhlum, Ketil Haarstad, Anne-Grete Buseth Blankenberg, Guro Hensel
    Pages 41-55
  5. Jan Vymazal, Tereza Dvořáková Březinová
    Pages 57-68
  6. Tereza Dvořáková Březinová, Jan Vymazal
    Pages 69-76
  7. Jan Pokorný, Petra Hesslerová, Hanna Huryna, David Harper
    Pages 91-108
  8. Katarzyna Kołecka, Hanna Obarska-Pempkowiak, Magdalena Gajewska
    Pages 119-130
  9. Fabio Masi, Anacleto Rizzo, Riccardo Bresciani, Carmelo Basile
    Pages 131-139
  10. Ketil Haarstad, Guro Hensel, Adam M. Paruch, Anne-Grete Buseth Blankenberg
    Pages 141-146
  11. Sandra Nicolics, Diana Hewitt, Girish R. Pophali, Fabio Masi, Dayanand Panse, Pawan K. Labhasetwar et al.
    Pages 147-163
  12. Patrick Hawes, Theodore Hughes-Riley, Enrica Uggetti, Dario Ortega Anderez, Michael I. Newton, Jaume Puigagut et al.
    Pages 165-177
  13. Hannele Auvinen, Gijs Du Laing, Erik Meers, Diederik P. L. Rousseau
    Pages 179-207
  14. Adam Sochacki, Korneliusz Miksch
    Pages 209-224
  15. Zhongbing Chen, Jan Vymazal, Peter Kuschk
    Pages 225-235
  16. Yi Chen, Yue Wen, Qi Zhou, Jan Vymazal
    Pages 237-245
  17. Krzysztof Jóźwiakowski, Magdalena Gajewska, Michał Marzec, Magdalena Gizińska-Górna, Aneta Pytka, Alina Kowalczyk-Juśko et al.
    Pages 247-265

About this book


The book extends the knowledge on wetland ecosystem services based on the new research. The information combines the achievements gained in carbon sequestration, nutrient accumulation, macrophyte decomposition, wastewater treatment, global warming mitigation  in constructed as well as natural wetlands across the globe. The book presents up-to-date results of ongoing research and the content of the book could be used by wetland scientists, researchers, engineers, designers, regulators, decision-makers, universities teachers, landscape engineers and landscape planners as well as by water authorities, water regulatory offices or wastewater treatment research institutions.


Agricultural runoff Decomposition of macrophyte biomass Eutrophicated fishponds Landfill leachate Nitrogen processing Nutrient Cycling Organic micropollutants Riparian wetlands Vivianite nanoparticle technology Constructed wetlands Wastewater treatment

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  • Jan Vymazal
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  1. 1.Faculty of Environmental SciencesCzech University of Life Sciences PraguePrahaCzech Republic

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