Proceedings of the 12th Reinventing Space Conference

  • Scott Hatton
Conference proceedings

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  2. Andrew Bacon, Ben Olivier
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  3. Benjamin G. Davis
    Pages 33-68
  4. Jonathan M. Dyer, Jim McClelland
    Pages 69-89
  5. Owen Hawkins, Phil Whittaker, Kevin Hall, Martin Cohen, Andrew Cawthorne, Caroline Slim
    Pages 91-96
  6. Nicola Sarzi-Amade, Thomas P. Bauer, James R. Wertz, Markus Rufer
    Pages 165-178
  7. Anthony Shao, James R. Wertz, Elizabeth A. Koltz
    Pages 199-210
  8. Oleg A. Sokolov
    Pages 211-219
  9. Markos Trichas, Alexander Elliott, Ian Harris, Graham Johnson, Stephen Kemble, Emanuele Monchieri et al.
    Pages 221-234
  10. C. J. Verberne
    Pages 235-242

About these proceedings


The 2014 Reinventing Space conference presented a number of questions in the context of a constantly innovating space industry, from addressing the future of global cooperation, investigating the impact of cuts in US government spending on the private space sector, and probing the overall future of the commercial launch sector. Space tourism and new technology promise the revival of interest in space development (the Apollo Era was the first period of intense space activity and growth). The need to create dramatically lower cost, responsive and reliable launch systems and spacecraft has never been more vital. Advances in technology are allowing smaller and cheaper satellites to be orbited - from cubesats to nanosatellites to femtosatellites. Thanks to more efficient new launch possibilities, low cost access to space is becoming ever more achievable. Commercial companies and countries are targeting the  industry with new funding. Organised by the British Interplanetary Society, the presentations at this conference thoroughly address these challenges and opportunities.


Applications of Astronautics British Interplanetary Society Annual Meeting Creating a Spaceport Economics of Space Access Future of Cubesats Low Cost Space Missions Satellite Industry Developments Space Business Development Use of Satellites in Varied Industries

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