The Discovery of Isotopes

A Complete Compilation

  • Michael Thoennessen

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About this book


This book describes the exciting discovery of every isotope observed on earth to date, which currently numbers some 3000. For each isotope a short essay highlights the authors of the first publication for the isotope, the laboratory and year where and when the isotope was discovered, as well as details about the production and detection methods used. In controversial cases previously claims are also discussed. At the end a comprehensive table lists all isotopes sorted by elements and a complete list of references. Preliminary versions of these paragraphs have been published over the last few years as separate articles in the journal "Atomic Data and Nuclear Data Tables". The work re-evaluates all assignments judging them with a uniform set of criteria. In addition, the author includes over 100 new isotopes which have been discovered since the articles published.
This book is a source of information for researchers as well as enthusiastic laymen alike.

From the prepublication review:

“The explanations focus on the essentials, which makes the various chapters pleasingly compact. The phrasing is well understandable also for non-experts. This makes the book easy to read, even thrilling. I have to confess that parts of the manuscript I was even reading as an evening lecture in the bed, so exciting was the history of isotope discoveries.”

Sigurd Hofmann, Helmholtz Professor at GSI Darmstadt, Germany, and a leading expert in superheavy nuclei


Atomic data and nuclear data tables Discovery of isotopes Discovery of nuclides Disputed isotopes Experimental methods for nuclide discovery History of nuclides Nuclides tables Nuclides and reference data National nuclear data center Nuclear science references

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