Understanding Relational and Group Experiences through the Mmogo-Method®

  • Vera Roos

Table of contents

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    Pages i-xxvi
  2. Foundations

  3. Data Collection and Analysis

  4. Applications

  5. Reflections and Going Forward

  6. Back Matter
    Pages 261-265

About this book


This volume describes the development and application of the Mmogo-method® as a projective visual data-gathering method, applied in different contexts and with different groups of people. "Mmogo" means togetherness in Setswana, one of the 11 official languages of South Africa. The Mmogo-method® provides a deep understanding of personal, relational and group experiences and is particularly useful in cross-cultural contexts and across age groups. By allowing visual expressions of the self as a complex, dynamic social system it overcomes some of the limitations of traditional data-collection methods, such as questionnaires or interviews.  The book draws together contributions by leading social scientists to show how this flexible, visual data-collection method can be used independently or jointly with other data-gathering techniques, such as journalling or in-depth interviewing, to acquire rich information. The research method described here enables investigators to access perceptions, feelings and personal experiences participants might otherwise find hard to verbalize and explain. Researchers in disciplines such as education, social sciences, consumer sciences, market research, and city and town planning will find this book and its innovative method particularly valuable in addressing a gap in available visual and other data collection resources.


Application of the Mmogo-Method® Contributions of the Mmogo-Method® Critical Reflections on the Mmogo-Method® Development of the Mmogo-Method® Group Processes and the Mmogo-Method Intergenerational Ralational Questionnaire Mmogo-Method®: Co-Construction of Knowledge in Setswana Qualitative Research Methods Quality of Life of the Elderly in Residential Care Facilities Research in Cross-Cultural Environments Respect of Children for Elderly People Theory Development and Conceptual Explanations Using Mmogo-Method® to Understand on a Personal Level Visual Data Analysis Visual Research Methods

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