Ultrasonic Synthesis of Functional Materials

  • Muthupandian¬†Ashokkumar

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About this book


This book begins by giving a summary of sonochemistry and explains how a chemical reaction can be induced by the interaction of sound waves and gas bubbles in liquids. The work outlines how primary and secondary radicals combined with the physical effects generated during acoustic cavitation are active in the ultrasonic synthesis of a variety of functional materials. The brief covers hot topics that include ultrasonic synthesis of various functional materials covering the following broad areas: acoustic cavitation and sonochemistry, synthesis of functional polymers and their applications, synthesis of functional inorganic materials and their applications, improving functionality of food/dairy systems, synthesis of functional biomaterials and their applications, synthesis of graphene based catalytic materials. Theory is kept to a minimum. The book is aimed at individuals at universities and will also interest those in industry. It is suitable for all levels.


Biomaterials Ultrasound Techniques Catalytic Materials Sonochemistry Applications Graphene Based Materials Sonochemistry Green Chemistry Sonochemistry Green Synthesis Non-hazardous Acoustic Radiation Sonochemistry and Synthesis Chemistry Ultrasound Techniques Synthesis Materials Ultrasonic Techniques Functionality of Foods

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  1. 1.School of ChemistryUniversity of MelbourneParkvilleAustralia

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