Framing Foreign Policy in India, Brazil and South Africa

On the Like-Mindedness of the IBSA States

  • Jörg Husar

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<p>This book analyses the India, Brazil, South Africa Dialogue Forum (IBSA), focusing on the communalities and differences in the way foreign policy is conceptualized in its member states. Utilizing 83 interviews with foreign policy makers and experts, as well as the analysis of 119 foreign-policy speeches, the author traces key shifts in official foreign policy discourse. In order to evaluate the degree of support for key IBSA Dialogue Forum concepts within national discourse, the author also examines the interplay between official and broader societal discourses on foreign policy. This analysis combines political science factors (foreign policy role conceptions) with linguistic factors, thus enabling a qualitative and quantitative comparison of different framings of foreign policy. Extensive empirical material collected during six months of field research in India, Brazil and South Africa allows the author to present a differentiated account of their alleged like-mindedness.</p>


Foreign Policy Analysis India-Brazil-South Africa Dialogue Forum IBSA Dialogue Forum Global Governance BRICS Foreign Policy Discourses Policy Framing Strategies

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