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Quasi-unsteady CHP Operation of Power Plants

Thermal and Economic Effectiveness


Part of the Power Systems book series (POWSYS)

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This book analyzes the continuous operation of a power plant with condensing power units in combined heat and power mode (CHP-mode) over a period of one year. Focusing on the operation of one and two power-unit systems with differing heat exchanger configurations, this book uses mathematical modeling of the steam-water cycle of a 370 MW power unit to calculate the operating characteristics and mass-energy balance of the system.

Featuring comprehensive thermodynamic analysis of the quasi-unsteady operation of power units in cogeneration for electrical power generation, as determined by the Polish Power System, this work also includes an economic analysis of the power plant, presenting the costs and economic effectiveness of such a system.


Cogeneration Power Units Thermal Effectiveness Combined Heat and Power Effectiveness Heat Exchangers District Heating

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About the authors

Zbigniew Buryn holds a Ph.D. degree from Opole University of Technology Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and an MSc degree in Electrical Engineering from Opole University of Technology. He is employed there as Assistant professor in the Faculty of Production Engineering and Logistics and also works as a Power Analysis Specialist at Opole Power Plant.

Dr Buryn is also a member of the Energy Commission at the Katowice Branch of the Polish Academy of Sciences (PAN).

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