UK Success Stories in Industrial Mathematics

  • Philip J. Aston
  • Anthony J. Mulholland
  • Katherine M.M. Tant

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiv
  2. Climate Modelling

  3. Environmental Modelling

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 35-35
    2. Nikolai Brilliantov, Jürgen Schmidt
      Pages 37-44
    3. Stephen T. Buckland, Eric Rexstad, Len Thomas, David L. Borchers
      Pages 45-51
    4. Andrew J. Hogg, Tomas Jóhannesson
      Pages 53-58
    5. Gayane T. Piliposian, Peter G. Appleby
      Pages 59-65
  4. Engineering

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 75-75
    2. Thomas J. Bridges, Matthew R. Turner, Hamid Alemi Ardakani
      Pages 77-82
    3. Michael Goldstein
      Pages 91-97
    4. Alexander Korobkin, Sime Malenica
      Pages 99-105
    5. Natalia V. Movchan, Alexander B. Movchan, Ross C. McPhedran, Michele Brun, Ian S. Jones
      Pages 107-113
  5. Aerospace

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 115-115
    2. C. John Chapman
      Pages 117-123
    3. Oubay Hassan, Kenneth Morgan, David Rowse
      Pages 125-130
    4. Bernd Krauskopf, Etienne B. Coetzee, Mark H. Lowenberg, Simon A. Neild, Sanjiv Sharma
      Pages 131-136
    5. Richard Purvis, Frank T. Smith
      Pages 145-151
  6. Military and Security

  7. Technology

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 179-179
    2. Alexander Balinsky, Helen Balinsky, Steven Simske
      Pages 181-187
    3. Idris Eckley, Guy Nason
      Pages 189-195
  8. Health

  9. Business and Finance

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 263-263
    2. Peter Grindrod, Desmond J. Higham, Peter Laflin
      Pages 271-279
    3. David A. Wooff, Jillian M. Anderson, Amin Jamalzadeh
      Pages 297-303

About this book


This publication showcases the work of UK mathematicians and statisticians by describing industrial problems that have been successfully solved, together with a summary of the financial and/or societal impact that arose from the work. The articles are grouped by sector, and include contributions to climate modelling, engineering and health. The articles are based on Impact Case Studies that were submitted to the Research Excellence Framework (REF2014), a UK government sponsored exercise that assessed the research quality within UK universities.

There are many publications in the realm of ‘popular mathematics’ as well as a vast research literature that underpins this. This work is aimed at a middle ground between these two. Articles contain some mathematical detail, but the emphasis is on telling the story of a successful collaboration between academia and industry and on the results obtained. UK Success Stories in Industrial Mathematics is therefore accessible to a wide readership with interest in the applications of mathematics and statistics to problems of industrial importance and to those interested in how mathematics and statistics research affects our everyday lives and leads to economic and societal benefits.


Industrial Mathematics Mathematical Modelling Applied Mathematics Impact of Mathematics Mathematical Modeling and Industrial Mathematics

Editors and affiliations

  • Philip J. Aston
    • 1
  • Anthony J. Mulholland
    • 2
  • Katherine M.M. Tant
    • 3
  1. 1.Department of MathematicsUniversity of SurreyGuildfordUnited Kingdom
  2. 2.Dept of Mathematics & StatisticsUniversity of StrathclydeGlasgowUnited Kingdom
  3. 3.Department of Mathematics and StatisticsUniversity of StrathclydeGlasgowUnited Kingdom

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