Regulation of Ca2+-ATPases,V-ATPases and F-ATPases

  • Sajal Chakraborti
  • Naranjan S Dhalla

Part of the Advances in Biochemistry in Health and Disease book series (ABHD, volume 14)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiii
  2. Plasma Membrane ATPases

  3. Sarco(endo)plasmic Reticulum ATPases

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 135-135
    2. Thomas Barbot, Cédric Montigny, Paulette Decottignies, Marc le Maire, Christine Jaxel, Nadège Jamin et al.
      Pages 153-186
    3. Naomi C. Hamm, Andrew N. Stammers, Shanel E. Susser, Michael W. Hlynsky, Dustin E. Kimber, D. Scott Kehler et al.
      Pages 187-206
    4. Amritlal Mandal, Tapati Chakraborti, Sajal Chakraborti
      Pages 207-226
    5. Maria Cristina Bonza, Laura Luoni, Claudio Olivari, Maria Ida De Michelis
      Pages 227-241
    6. Jialin Chen, Susanne Smaardijk, Ilse Vandecaetsbeek, Peter Vangheluwe
      Pages 243-279
  4. Vacuolar ATPases

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 281-281
    2. Suhaila Rahman, Ichiro Yamato, Takeshi Murata
      Pages 283-299
    3. Vladimir Marshansky, Masamitsu Futai, Gerhard Grüber
      Pages 301-335
    4. Colleen A. Fordyce, Martha M. Grimes, Yamhilette Licon-Munoz, Chun-Yuan Chan, Karlett J. Parra
      Pages 337-369
    5. Raul Martínez-Zaguilán, Souad R. Sennoune
      Pages 371-392
    6. Mônica Ghislaine Oliveira Alves, Abel García-García, Mario Pérez-Sayáns
      Pages 393-405
    7. Norbert Kartner, Morris F. Manolson
      Pages 407-437
  5. F1Fo-and Other ATPases

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 439-439
    2. Alessandra Pagliarani, Salvatore Nesci, Fabiana Trombetti, Vittoria Ventrella
      Pages 441-458
    3. Chrisostomos Prodromou, Rhodri M. L. Morgan
      Pages 469-490
    4. Swatilekha Ghosh, Parimal C. Sen
      Pages 491-503
    5. Ira Kurtz, Irina Rogova, Vladimir Turygin, Jingbo Huang, Natalia Abuladze, Alexander Pushkin
      Pages 505-518
    6. Anna L. Okorokova-Façanha, Antônio Jesus Dorighetto Cogo, Lívia Marini Palma
      Pages 551-565
    7. Meghna S. Dhaka, Shriya Srivastava, Shailja-Misra Bhattacharya
      Pages 567-576
  6. Back Matter
    Pages 577-586

About this book


The biological membranes of cellular organization enfold an important group of membrane proteins called the ATPases, which are not only versatile in maintaining chemical gradient and electrical potential across the membrane but also bring metabolites necessary for cell metabolism and drive out toxins, waste products and solutes that otherwise can curb cell functions. ATPases are distributed virtually in all live forms starting from unicellular to multicellular and also in viruses. There are different types of ATPases, which differ in function and structure and in the type of ions they transport. The three main types of the ion pump ATPase family are: (i) P-type ATPases that transport different ions across membranes and Ca2+ATPases belongs to this catagory (ii) F-type ATPase in mitochondria, chloroplasts and bacterial plasma membranes produce ATP using the proton gradient; and (iii) V-type ATPase catalyzes ATP hydrolysis to transport solutes and maintains acidic pH in organelles like lysosomes. Genetic defects in either of the ATPases cause several diseases and a number of researches have demonstrated the involvement of the members of ATPases in the cell pathology and diseases, thereby penetrating exciting new areas of our understanding. In this book, the authors summarize recent knowledge about the molecular mechanisms associated with Ca2+-ATPase, V-ATPase and F-ATPase in intracellular and extracellular Ca2+ transport, mitochondrial ATP synthase, vesicular H+ transport, and lysosomal pH regulation. This book thereby   bridges the gap between fundamental research and biomedical and pharmaceutical applications. The book provides an informative resource to improve ATPase research and modern therapeutic approaches toward different life threatening diseases that are associated with dysregulation of the ATPases.


Ca2+-ATPases F-ATPases V-ATPases (P)RR/ATP6ap2 Acid-base

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  • Sajal Chakraborti
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  • Naranjan S Dhalla
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  1. 1.Biochemistry and BiophysicsUniversity of KalyaniKalyaniIndia
  2. 2.University of ManitobaInstitute of Cardiovascular Science St. Boniface Hospital ResearchWinnipegCanada

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