Quantitative Parameterization and 3D‐run‐out Modelling of Rockfalls at Steep Limestone Cliffs in the Bavarian Alps

  • Bettina Sellmeier

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About this book


This pioneering work deals with the parameterization of rockfalls in the context of 3D run-out modelling at a study site in the Bavarian Alps. The main objective was to cover not only low-magnitude, high-frequency rockfalls (<10 m3) but also Mid-Magnitude events, which involve rock volumes of between 10 and 100 m3 (boulder falls) and between 100 and 10,000 m3 (block falls). As Mid-Magnitude events have been insufficiently covered in terms of rockfall modelling up to now, a geomechanical approach has been developed to characterize those events by means of a case study. For a 200 m3 limestone block a potential failure scenario was analysed by combining a deterministic failure analysis with a numerical process-based run-out model. To model potential run-out scenarios of the 200 m3 block, the beta version of the code RAMMS::Rockfall, developed by the Swiss Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research (SLF), was applied. RAMMS::Rockfall makes it possible to include the block shape and thus consider the effects of varying block shapes on the run-out distance. The run-out modelling for the entire project site was performed using the scientific code Rockyfor3D (Dorren/ecorisQ). To provide quantitative information in terms of input parameters, a field recording of block sizes at the talus slope, as well as a detailed discontinuity analysis at the source area, were conducted. The book successfully demonstrates how detailed and quantitative field investigation can contribute to 3D rockfall modelling.


Rock Fall 3D-modelling Stability Analysis Mid-magnitude Field Investigation Carbonate Rocks Block Size Distribution Parameterization

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