Emerging Trends in Information Systems

Recent Innovations, Results and Experiences

  • Jörg Becker
  • Oleg Kozyrev
  • Eduard Babkin
  • Victor Taratukhin
  • Natalia Aseeva

Part of the Progress in IS book series (PROIS)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-vi
  2. Alexander Redlein, Michael Zobl
    Pages 1-10
  3. Victor M. Kureichik, Vladimir V. Kureichik, Victor V. Taratukhin, Yury A. Kravchenko, Anna I. Khlebnikova
    Pages 11-19
  4. I. V. Abramov, I. V. Illarionov, M. G. Matveev
    Pages 21-29
  5. Anastasia Pozdnyakova, Victoria Sheer, Yury Kupriyanov, Victor Taratukhin, Joerg Becker
    Pages 31-49
  6. Igor V. Ilin, Anastasia I. Lyovina, Anton R. Antipin
    Pages 51-63
  7. Alexey A. Lifshits, Sergey M. Avdoshin
    Pages 65-77
  8. Safiullin Azat, Strelnik Evgenia, Ushakova Tatiana
    Pages 79-83
  9. Sergey M. Avdoshin, Elena Y. Pesotskaya
    Pages 85-97
  10. Alexandra Savelieva, Sergey Avdoshin
    Pages 99-115
  11. E. Tarchinskaya, V. Taratukhin, J. Becker
    Pages 125-135

About this book


This book presents and discusses the most recent innovations, trends, results, experiences and concerns with regard to information systems. Individual chapters focus on IT for facility management, process management and applications, corporate information systems, design and manufacturing automation. The book includes new findings on software engineering, industrial internet, engineering cloud and advance BPM methods. It presents the latest research on intelligent information systems, computational intelligence methods in Information Systems and new trends in Business Process Management, making it a valuable resource for both researchers and practitioners looking to expand their information systems expertise.


Big data applications Big data theory Business process management Cloud based corporate information system E-Government In-memory computing Industry-oriented IS solutions Intelligent information systems VLBA Very Large Business Applications

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  • Oleg Kozyrev
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  • Eduard Babkin
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  • Victor Taratukhin
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  • Natalia Aseeva
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