Smart Intelligent Aircraft Structures (SARISTU)

Proceedings of the Final Project Conference

  • Piet Christof Wölcken
  • Michael Papadopoulos

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxviii
  2. Piet Christof Wölcken, Andreas Kötter, Ben Newman, Rebecca Wadleich, Katrin Genzel
    Pages 1-40
  3. Technology Stream: Morphing. Enhanced Adaptive Droop Nose for a Morphing Wing

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 41-41
    2. Maurizio Verrastro, Sylvain Metge
      Pages 43-69
    3. Vladimir Snop, Vaclav Horak
      Pages 85-96
    4. Olaf Heintze, Stefan Steeger, Alexander Falken, Jürgen Heckmann
      Pages 97-111
    5. Markus Kintscher, Johannes Kirn, Stefan Storm, Fabian Peter
      Pages 113-140
  4. Technology Stream: Morphing. The Adaptive Trailing Edge Device (ATED)

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 141-142
    2. Giovanni Marco Carossa, Sergio Ricci, Alessandro De Gaspari, Cedric Liauzun, Antoine Dumont, Moshe Steinbuch
      Pages 143-158
    3. Rosario Pecora, Marco Magnifico, Francesco Amoroso, Leonardo Lecce, Marco Bellucci, Ignazio Dimino et al.
      Pages 159-170
    4. Ignazio Dimino, Monica Ciminello, Antonio Concilio, Rosario Pecora, Francesco Amoroso, Marco Magnifico et al.
      Pages 171-186
    5. Oliver Schorsch, Andreas Lühring, Christof Nagel
      Pages 187-197
    6. Yasser Essa, Federico Martin de la Escalera Cutillas, Ignazio Dimino, Monica Ciminello, Antonio Concilio
      Pages 199-215
  5. Technology Stream: Morphing. Wingtip Morphing Trailing Edge

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 217-217
    2. Andreas Wildschek, Stefan Storm, Martin Herring, Danijel Drezga, Viken Korian, Olaf Roock
      Pages 219-255
    3. Danijel Drezga, Viken Korian, Olaf Roock, Bernardo Lopez, Arne Fiedler, Stefan Storm et al.
      Pages 257-273
    4. Christof Nagel, Arne Fiedler, Oliver Schorsch, Andreas Lühring
      Pages 275-291
    5. Toni Kanakis, Bimo Prananta, Hans van Tongeren, Rob Huls
      Pages 293-318
  6. Technology Stream: Integrated Sensing. Fiber Optic-Based Monitoring System

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 347-348
    2. Matthijs Bosboom, Martijn van Wijngaarden, Rolf Evenblij, Paolo Bettini, Theodoros Loutas, Vassilis Kostopoulos et al.
      Pages 349-406
    3. Alfredo Güemes, Julian Sierra, Frank Grooteman, Toni Kanakis, Pavlos Michaelides, Dimitrios Habas et al.
      Pages 407-431
    4. Alessandro Airoldi, Giuseppe Sala, Rolf Evenblij, Christos Koimtzoglou, Theodoros Loutas, Giovanni Marco Carossa et al.
      Pages 433-469
    5. Rolf Evenblij, Frank Kong, Christos Koimtzoglou, Monica Ciminello, Ignazio Dimino, Antonio Concilio
      Pages 471-491
  7. Technology Stream: Integrated Sensing. Wing Damage Detection Employing Guided Waves Techniques

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 493-494
    2. Ernesto Monaco, Natalino Daniele Boffa, Vittorio Memmolo, Fabrizio Ricci, Nicola Testoni, Luca De Marchi et al.
      Pages 495-527
    3. Angel Alcaide, Federico Martin, Eduardo Barrera, Mariano Ruiz
      Pages 545-555
    4. Nicola Testoni, Luca De Marchi, Alessandro Marzani
      Pages 557-576
  8. Technology Stream: Integrated Sensing. Impact Damage Assessment Using Integrated Ultrasonic Sensors

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 577-577
    2. Richard Loendersloot, Inka Buethe, Pavlos Michaelides, Maria Moix-Bonet, George Lampeas
      Pages 579-604
    3. Dimitrios Habas, Daniel Schmidt, Nicolas Dobmann
      Pages 605-615
    4. Maria Moix-Bonet, Peter Wierach, Richard Loendersloot, Martin Bach
      Pages 617-629
    5. Inka Buethe, Nicolas Dominguez, Henning Jung, Claus-Peter Fritzen, Damien Ségur, Frédéric Reverdy
      Pages 631-642
  9. Technology Stream: Integrated Sensing. Multi-site Damage Assessment of CFRP Structures

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 643-644
    2. Martijn van Wijngaarden
      Pages 645-666
    3. Spyridon Psarras, Raul Muñoz, Mazdak Ghajari, Paul Robinson, Domenico Furfari
      Pages 667-679
    4. Spyridon Psarras, Raul Muñoz, Mazdak Ghajari, Paul Robinson, Domenico Furfari, Arne Hartwig et al.
      Pages 681-689
    5. Tulug Pince
      Pages 691-709
  10. Technology Stream: Integrated Sensing. Sensitive Coating for Impact Detection

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 711-711
    2. Manuel Gaudon, Alain Demourgues, Veronica Blanco-Gutierrez, Silvere Barut
      Pages 713-724
    3. Frederico Maia, Kiryl Yasakau, Joao Tedim, Mikhail L. Zheludkevich
      Pages 725-733
    4. Laura Monier, Karel Le Jeune, Isabelle Kondolff, Gil Vilaça
      Pages 735-743
  11. Technology Stream: Multifunction Materials. Enhancement of Primary Structure Robustness by Improved Damage Tolerance

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 753-754
    2. Daniel Bonduel, Nadir Kchit, Michael Claes
      Pages 755-762

About these proceedings


The book includes the research papers presented in the final conference of the EU funded SARISTU (Smart Intelligent Aircraft Structures) project, held at Moscow, Russia between 19-21 of May 2015. The SARISTU project, which was launched in September 2011, developed and tested a variety of individual applications as well as their combinations.

With a strong focus on actual physical integration and subsequent material and structural testing, SARISTU has been responsible for important progress on the route to industrialization of structure integrated functionalities such as Conformal Morphing, Structural Health Monitoring and Nanocomposites.

The gap- and edge-free deformation of aerodynamic surfaces known as conformal morphing has gained previously unrealized capabilities such as inherent de-icing, erosion protection and lightning strike protection, while at the same time the technological risk has been greatly reduced. Individual structural health monitoring techniques can now be applied at the part-manufacturing level rather than via extending an aircraft’s time in the final assembly line. And nanocomposites no longer lose their improved properties when trying to upscale from neat resin testing to full laminate testing at element level.

As such, this book familiarizes the reader with the most significant develo

pments, achievements and key technological steps which have been made possible through the four-year long cooperation of 64 leading entities from 16 different countries with the financial support of the European Commission.


Multifunction Materials Multifunctional Structures Nanocomposite Manufacturing SARISTU Smart Intelligent Aircraft Structures Structural Health Monitoring Structural Nanocomposites Structure functional integration

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  • Piet Christof Wölcken
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  • Michael Papadopoulos
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  1. 1.AIRBUS Operations GmbHBremenGermany
  2. 2.EASN Technology Innovation ServicesBudingenBelgium

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