Natural Disaster Risk Management

Geosciences and Social Responsibility

  • Ulrich¬†Ranke

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Many aspects of disaster risk management, such as for earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods, avalanches and mudslides call for similar prevention and preparedness instruments, management concepts, and countermeasures. This textbook assumes the viewpoint of a regional disaster risk manager who is responsible for a certain area, and for making the lives of the people who live there safer, regardless of the type of natural disaster that may occur. The same holds true for boosting preparedness and awareness in the population at risk. The book includes numerous examples of hazard mitigation concepts and techniques, as well as ways of intensively involving the local population in prevention schemes at an early stage. Furthermore, this textbook provides an in-depth examination of the function of risk communication, both as an instrument for official information dissemination and as a function of public media. To close, a chapter on risk splitting offers insights into insurance-based models for risk financing.



Emergency Management Organizations Hazard Assessments Natural Disaster Risk Management Responsibility of Geoscience Risk Assessments Risk Communication Risk Communications Risk Management Risk Splitting Vulnerability Assessments Vulnerability and Risk

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