Digital Signal Processing for Wireless Communication using Matlab

  • E.S. Gopi

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This book examines signal processing techniques used in wireless communication illustrated by using the Matlab program. The author discusses these techniques as they relate to Doppler spread; delay spread; Rayleigh and Rician channel modeling; rake receiver; diversity techniques; MIMO and OFDM -based transmission techniques; and array signal processing. Related topics such as detection theory, link budget, multiple access techniques, and spread spectrum are also covered.


·         Illustrates signal processing techniques involved in wireless communication using Matlab

·         Discusses multiple access techniques such as Frequency division multiple access, Time division multiple access, and Code division multiple access

·         Covers band pass modulation techniques such as Binary phase shift keying, Differential phase shift keying, Quadrature phase shift keying, Binary frequency shift keying, Minimum shift keying, and Gaussian minimum shift keying


MIMO using Matlab Mobile Communication using Matlab OFDM using Matlab Rayleigh Model using Matlab Rician Model using Matlab Wireless Communication using Matlab

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