Advances in Aerospace Guidance, Navigation and Control

Selected Papers of the Third CEAS Specialist Conference on Guidance, Navigation and Control held in Toulouse

  • Joël Bordeneuve-Guibé
  • Antoine Drouin
  • Clément Roos
Conference proceedings

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages 1-15
  2. Guidance and Control

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Thaddäus Baier, Matthias Heller
      Pages 3-22
    3. Mingu Kim, Yongwoo Lee, Seokwon Lee, Youdan Kim
      Pages 39-52
    4. Alejandra Ferreira de Loza, Jérome Cieslak, David Henry, Ali Zolghadri, Leonid Fridman
      Pages 67-79
    5. Peng Lu, Erik-Jan van Kampen, Qiping P. Chu
      Pages 81-98
    6. Fabian Hellmundt, Andreas Wildschek, Rudolf Maier, Robert Osterhuber, Florian Holzapfel
      Pages 99-118
    7. Frank Jouhaud
      Pages 119-134
    8. Toufik Souanef, Ahsene Boubakir, Walter Fichter
      Pages 151-165
    9. H. J. Tol, C. C. de Visser, E. van Kampen, Qiping P. Chu
      Pages 187-204
    10. Shmuel Y. Hayoun, Tal Shima
      Pages 227-245
    11. Hyo-Sang Shin, Jin-Ik Lee, Antonios Tsourdos
      Pages 247-260
  3. Estimation and Navigation

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 261-261
    2. Thomas Lombaerts, Stefan Schuet, Diana Acosta, John Kaneshige
      Pages 263-282
    3. Martin Stolle, Yoko Watanabe, Carsten Döll
      Pages 283-302
    4. Jérome Cieslak, Alejandra Ferreira de Loza, David Henry, Jorge Dávila, Ali Zolghadri
      Pages 323-341
    5. Francesco Sanfedino, Marco Scardino, Jérémie Chaix, Stéphanie Lizy-Destrez
      Pages 343-361
    6. Peng Lu, Laurens Van Eykeren, Erik-Jan van Kampen, Qiping P. Chu
      Pages 363-379
    7. Kevin Theuma, David Zammit Mangion
      Pages 381-399
    8. Victor Gibert, Laurent Burlion, Abdelhamid Chriette, Josep Boada-Bauxell, Franck Plestan
      Pages 401-412
  4. Atmospheric Applications

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 413-413
    2. Cezary Kownacki, Daniel Ołdziej
      Pages 415-431
    3. Mastura Ab Wahid, Hakim Bouadi, Antoine Drouin, Benjamas Panomruttanarug, Felix Mora-Camino
      Pages 455-474
    4. Yann Denieul, Joël Bordeneuve, Daniel Alazard, Clément Toussaint, Gilles Taquin
      Pages 475-489
    5. Jan Bolting, Jean-Marc Biannic, Franc̨ois Defaÿ
      Pages 491-507
    6. Andreas Klöckner
      Pages 509-519
  5. Space Applications

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 569-569
    2. Jonathan Grzymisch, Walter Fichter, Damiana Losa, Massimo Casasco
      Pages 571-590
    3. Christelle Pittet, Pascal Prieur
      Pages 591-604
    4. Jose Alvaro Perez, Daniel Alazard, Thomas Loquen, Christelle Cumer, Christelle Pittet
      Pages 639-658
    5. Hari Hara Sudhan Murali, Daniel Alazard, Luca Massotti, Finn Ankersen, Chiara Toglia
      Pages 659-678
    6. Romain Serra, Denis Arzelier, Mioara Joldes, Aude Rondepierre
      Pages 679-698
    7. Vincent Dubanchet, David Saussié, Daniel Alazard, Caroline Bérard, Catherine Le Peuvédic
      Pages 699-717
    8. Anusha Mujumdar, Prathyush Purushothama Menon, Christophe Roux, Samir Bennani
      Pages 719-737
  6. Back Matter
    Pages 739-740

About these proceedings


The two first CEAS (Council of European Aerospace Societies) Specialist Conferences on Guidance, Navigation and Control (CEAS EuroGNC) were held in Munich, Germany in 2011 and in Delft, The Netherlands in 2013. ONERA The French Aerospace Lab, ISAE (Institut Supérieur de l’Aéronautique et de l’Espace) and ENAC (Ecole Nationale de l’Aviation Civile) accepted the challenge of jointly organizing the 3rd edition. The conference aims at promoting new advances in aerospace GNC theory and technologies for enhancing safety, survivability, efficiency, performance, autonomy and intelligence of aerospace systems. It represents a unique forum for communication and information exchange between specialists in the fields of GNC systems design and operation, including air traffic management. This book contains the forty best papers and gives an interesting snapshot of the latest advances over the following topics:

l  Control theory, analysis, and design

l  Novel navigation, estimation, and tracking methods

l  Aircraft, spacecraft, missile and UAV guidance, navigation, and control

l  Flight testing and experimental results

l  Intelligent control in aerospace applications

l  Aerospace robotics and unmanned/autonomous systems

l  Sensor systems for guidance, navigation and control

l  Guidance, navigation, and control concepts in air traffic control systems

For the 3rd CEAS Specialist Conference on Guidance, Navigation and Control the International Program Committee conducted a formal review process. Each paper was reviewed in compliance with standard journal practice by at least two independent and anonymous reviewers. The papers published in this book were selected from the conference proceedings based on the results and recommendations from the reviewers.


Aerospace Air and Space Aircraft Guidance Missile Motion Planning Multi-Vehicle Rotorcraft Spacecraft Transportation Unmanned Air Vehicle

Editors and affiliations

  • Joël Bordeneuve-Guibé
    • 1
  • Antoine Drouin
    • 2
  • Clément Roos
    • 3
  1. 1.ISAEUniversity of ToulouseToulouseFrance
  2. 2.ENACUniversity of ToulouseToulouseFrance
  3. 3.ONERA The French Aerospace LabToulouseFrance

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