Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxviii
  2. Agro-Food Systems

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Aysen Tanyeri-Abur
      Pages 3-14 Open Access
    3. Michele Perniola, Stella Lovelli, Margherita Arcieri, Mariana Amato
      Pages 15-27 Open Access
    4. Rocco Bochicchio, Tim D. Philips, Stella Lovelli, Rosanna Labella, Fernanda Galgano, Antonio Di Marisco et al.
      Pages 29-45 Open Access
    5. Ada Braghieri, Corrado Pacelli, Andrea Bragaglio, Emilio Sabia, Fabio Napolitano
      Pages 47-56 Open Access
    6. Emilio Sabia, Fabio Napolitano, Salvatore Claps, Ada Braghieri, Nicoletta Piazzolla, Corrado Pacelli
      Pages 57-64 Open Access
    7. Mariangela Caroprese, Marzia Albenzio, Agostino Sevi
      Pages 65-75 Open Access
    8. Adriana Di Trana, Lucia Sepe, Paola Di Gregorio, Maria A. Di Napoli, Daniela Giorgio, Anna R. Caputo et al.
      Pages 77-112 Open Access
    9. Carlo Cosentino, Rosanna Paolino, Mauro Musto, Pierangelo Freschi
      Pages 113-132 Open Access
    10. Pietro Lo Cantore, Annalisa Giorgio, Bruno Campion, Nicola Sante Iacobellis
      Pages 145-158 Open Access
    11. Graziella Benedetto, Gian Luigi Corinto
      Pages 173-187 Open Access
  3. Natural Resource Systems and Environment

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 189-189
    2. Severino Romano, Luigi Fanelli, Mauro Viccaro, Francesco Di Napoli, Mario Cozzi
      Pages 191-207 Open Access
    3. Mario Cozzi, Severino Romano, Mauro Viccaro, Carmelina Prete, Giovanni Persiani
      Pages 209-224 Open Access
    4. Mauro Viccaro, Benedetto Rocchi, Mario Cozzi, Severino Romano
      Pages 225-241 Open Access
    5. Severino Romano, Simone Targetti Ferri, Gennaro Ventura, Francesco Di Napoli, Mario Cozzi
      Pages 243-254 Open Access
    6. Antonio Coppola, Alessandro Comegna, G. Dragonetti, Lorenzo De Simone
      Pages 255-269 Open Access
    7. Pierangelo Freschi, Mauro Musto, Rosanna Paolino, Carlo Cosentino
      Pages 271-288 Open Access
    8. Simonetta Fascetti, Giovanna Potenza, Vincenzo Candido, Donato Castronuovo, Leonardo Rosati, Michele Perniola et al.
      Pages 289-304 Open Access
    9. Gian Luigi Rana, Stefania Mirela Mang, Ippolito Camele
      Pages 305-318 Open Access
  4. New Technologies

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 319-319
    2. Pietro Picuno, Carmela Sica, Alexandra Dimitrijevic, Alfonso Tortora, Rocco Luigi Capobianco, Dina Statuto
      Pages 321-337 Open Access
    3. Francesco Genovese, Giuseppe Altieri, Naouel Admane, Ivan Salamon, Giovanni Carlo Di Renzo
      Pages 339-351 Open Access
    4. Giovanni Bitella, Roberta Rossi, Antonio Loperte, Antonio Satriani, Vincenzo Lapenna, Michele Perniola et al.
      Pages 353-372 Open Access
    5. P D’Antonio, C D’Antonio, V Doddato, M Mangano
      Pages 373-384 Open Access
    6. Maria Antonietta Colangelo, Marisa C. Caruso, Fabio Favati, Teresa Scarpa, Nicola Condelli, Fernanda Galgano
      Pages 385-397 Open Access

About this book


This book is focused on the challenges to implement sustainability in diverse contexts such as agribusiness, natural resource systems and new technologies.

The experiences made by the researchers of the School of Agricultural, Forestry, Food and Environmental Science (SAFE) of the University of Basilicata offer a wide and multidisciplinary approach to the identification and testing of different solutions tailored to the economic, social and environmental characteristics of the region and the surrounding areas.

Basilicata’s productive system is mainly based on activities related to the agricultural sector and exploitation of natural resources but it has seen, in recent years, an industrial development driven by the discovery of oil fields. SAFE research took up the challenge posed by market competition to create value through the sustainable use of renewable and non-renewable resources of the territory. Moreover, due to its unique geographical position in the middle of the Mediterranean basin, Basilicata is an excellent “open sky” laboratory for testing sustainable solutions adaptable to other Mediterranean areas. This collection of multidisciplinary case studies and research experiences from SAFE researchers and their scientific partners is a stimulating contribution to the debate on the development of sustainable techniques, methods and applications for the Mediterranean regions.


agribusiness mediterranean basin multidisciplinary approach natural resource system sustainability

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  • Antonella Vastola
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  1. 1.School of Agricultural, Forestry, Food and Environmental Science (SAFE)University of BasilicataPotenzaItaly

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