Translational Approaches to Autism Spectrum Disorder

  • Maria de los Angeles Robinson-Agramonte

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiv
  2. Roberta Maresca, Laura de Magistris
    Pages 1-11
  3. Alison Presmanes Hill, Katharine Zuckerman, Eric Fombonne
    Pages 13-38
  4. Jaqueline Bohrer Schuch, Luiza Monteavaro Mariath, Tatiana Roman, Lavinia Schuler-Faccini
    Pages 39-63
  5. Lilia María Morales Chacón, Margarita Minou Báez Martin
    Pages 65-83
  6. Margarita Minou Baez Martin, Lilia María Morales Chacón, Ivette Cabrera Abreu
    Pages 85-94
  7. Rafael Rodríguez-Rojas, Calixto Machado, Karla Batista, Maylen Carballo, Gerry Leisman
    Pages 95-117
  8. Maria de los Angeles Robinson-Agramonte, Maria Elena Gonzàlez Fraguela, Jorge Bergado-Rosado
    Pages 119-135
  9. Nadia Kazlauskas, Maria de los Angeles Robinson-Agramonte, Amaicha Mara Depino
    Pages 137-153
  10. Amaicha Mara Depino, Maria de los Angeles Robinson-Agramonte
    Pages 155-180
  11. Elena Noris-García, Mercedes Adalys Rodríguez-Ravelo, Yamila Adams Villalón, Gustavo Sierra, Maria de los Angeles Robinson-Agramonte
    Pages 181-193
  12. Dario Siniscalco, Nicola Antonucci
    Pages 195-207
  13. Back Matter
    Pages 209-218

About this book


This book addresses and synthesizes recent basic, translational, and clinical research with the goal of understanding the mechanisms behind autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and how they lead to altered brain function and behavior. Bringing clarity to these mechanisms will lead to more effective therapies for the various heterogeneous pathologies that comprise ASD. Currently there are few, if any, proven therapies for the majority of the disorders. Topics addressed in this book include neural plasticity, neuroimmunology, neuroinflammation, neuroimaging, and appropriate animal and genetic models.


autism connectivity genetic and animal models neurodevelopmental disorders neuroimmunomodulation neuroplasticity

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  • Maria de los Angeles Robinson-Agramonte
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  1. 1.Neuroimmunology DepartmentInternational Center for Neurological RestorationHavanaCuba

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