Traffic and Granular Flow '13

  • Mohcine Chraibi
  • Maik Boltes
  • Andreas Schadschneider
  • Armin Seyfried
Conference proceedings

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxiii
  2. Pedestrian Traffic and Evacuation Dynamics

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Cecile Appert-Rolland
      Pages 3-12
    3. Serge P. Hoogendoorn, Winnie Daamen, Dorine C. Duives, Femke L. M. van Wageningen-Kessels
      Pages 31-40
    4. Winnie Daamen, Victor L. Knoop, Serge P. Hoogendoorn
      Pages 41-46
    5. Tobias Kretz, Karsten Lehmann, Ingmar Hofsäß
      Pages 47-54
    6. Gerta Köster, Marion Gödel
      Pages 63-71
    7. Jeroen van den Heuvel, Aral Voskamp, Winnie Daamen, Serge P. Hoogendoorn
      Pages 73-82
    8. Andrea Gorrini, Stefania Bandini, Giuseppe Vizzari
      Pages 83-91
    9. Marek Bukáček, Pavel Hrabák, Milan Krbálek
      Pages 93-101
    10. Jian Ma, Weiguo Song, Siuming Lo
      Pages 103-110
    11. Jakub Porzycki, Robert Lubaś, Marcin Mycek, Jarosław Wąs
      Pages 129-136
    12. Johanna Bamberger, Anna-Lena Geßler, Peter Heitzelmann, Sara Korn, Rene Kahlmeyer, Xue Hao Lu et al.
      Pages 137-144
    13. Ning Ding, Tao Chen, Hui Zhang, Peter B. Luh
      Pages 145-153
    14. Yuan Gao, Tao Chen, Peter B. Luh, Hui Zhang
      Pages 155-161
    15. Takashi Matsuoka, Akiyasu Tomoeda, Mayuko Iwamoto, Kohta Suzuno, Daishin Ueyama
      Pages 163-170
    16. Isabella von Sivers, Gerta Köster
      Pages 171-178
    17. Fernando Alonso-Marroquín, Jonathan Busch, Álvaro Ramírez-Gómez, Celia Lozano
      Pages 179-186
    18. Saira Saleem Pathan, Klaus Richter
      Pages 187-194
    19. Kohta Suzuno, Akiyasu Tomoeda, Mayuko Iwamoto, Daishin Ueyama
      Pages 195-201
    20. Daniel R. Parisi, Roxana Josens
      Pages 203-211
    21. Akiyasu Tomoeda, Daichi Yanagisawa, Katsuhiro Nishinari
      Pages 213-218
    22. Takahiro Ezaki, Kazumichi Ohtsuka, Daichi Yanagisawa, Katsuhiro Nishinari
      Pages 227-231
    23. Martin Treiber, Ralph Germ, Arne Kesting
      Pages 243-249
    24. Dorine C. Duives, Winnie Daamen, Serge P. Hoogendoorn
      Pages 251-256
    25. Marcin Mycek, Robert Lubaś, Jakub Porzycki, Jarosław Wąs
      Pages 257-263
    26. Bharat Kunwar, Anders Johansson
      Pages 265-271
    27. Stefania Bandini, Luca Crociani, Giuseppe Vizzari
      Pages 273-279
    28. Christian Eilhardt, Andreas Schadschneider
      Pages 281-289
    29. Matthias Craesmeyer, Andreas Schadschneider
      Pages 291-298
    30. Chikashi Arita, Andreas Schadschneider
      Pages 299-304
    31. Reinhard Mahnke, Jevgenijs Kaupužs, Martins Brics
      Pages 305-314
  3. Highway and Urban Vehicular Traffic

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 315-315
    2. Marc Barthelemy
      Pages 317-337
    3. Hubert Rehborn, Micha Koller
      Pages 339-346
    4. Hans Weber, Reinhard Mahnke, Jevgenijs Kaupužs
      Pages 347-359
    5. Antonina Chechina, Natalia Churbanova, Marina Trapeznikova
      Pages 361-368
    6. Victor L. Knoop, Serge P. Hoogendoorn
      Pages 379-384
    7. Bernat Goñi Ros, Victor L. Knoop, Wouter J. Schakel, Bart van Arem, Serge P. Hoogendoorn
      Pages 385-393
    8. G. Costeseque, Jean-Patrick Lebacque
      Pages 395-405
    9. Luis Eduardo Olmos, José Daniel Muñoz
      Pages 407-414

About these proceedings


This book continues the biannual series of conference proceedings, which has become a classical reference resource in traffic and granular research alike, and addresses the latest developments at the intersection of physics, engineering and computational science. These involve complex systems, in which multiple simple agents, be they vehicles or particles, give rise to surprising and fascinating phenomena.

The contributions collected in these proceedings cover several research fields, all of which deal with transport. Topics include highway, pedestrian and internet traffic; granular matter; biological transport; transport networks; data acquisition; data analysis and technological applications. Different perspectives, i.e., modeling, simulations, experiments, and phenomenological observations are considered.




biological transport granular materials networks pedestrian dynamics vehicular traffic

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  • Andreas Schadschneider
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  • Armin Seyfried
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