Applied Non-Linear Dynamical Systems

  • Jan Awrejcewicz
Conference proceedings

Part of the Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics book series (PROMS, volume 93)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiv
  2. Ivana N. Kovacic, Richard H. Rand
    Pages 1-10
  3. V. A. Krysko, J. Awrejcewicz, I. V. Papkova, V. B. Baiburin, T. V. Yakovleva
    Pages 23-35
  4. Carsten Behn, Silvan Schwebke
    Pages 37-48
  5. J. Awrejcewicz, A. V. Krysko, V. A. Krysko, E. Yu. Krylova, S. A. Mitskievich, I. V. Papkova et al.
    Pages 49-76
  6. Daniel Morcillo, Daniel Burbano, Fabiola Angulo, Gerard Olivar
    Pages 77-84
  7. I. V. Andrianov, V. V. Danishevs’kyy, J. Awrejcewicz
    Pages 85-101
  8. Natalya Kizilova, Elena Karpinska, Michael Karpinsky
    Pages 103-114
  9. Iwona Adamiec–Wójcik, Jan Awrejcewicz, Lucyna Brzozowska, Łukasz Drąg
    Pages 115-137
  10. Rustyam G. Akhmetov, Ruslan R. Kutluev
    Pages 151-159
  11. Jan Awrejcewicz, Roman Starosta, Grażyna Sypniewska-Kamińska
    Pages 161-173
  12. Krzysztof J. Kaliński, Marek Chodnicki, Michał R. Mazur, Marek A. Galewski
    Pages 175-184
  13. Firdaus E. Udwadia, Harshavardhan Mylapilli
    Pages 213-244
  14. Klaus Zimmermann, Igor Zeidis, Mohamed Abdelrahman
    Pages 269-279
  15. T. G. Ritto, Rubens Sampaio
    Pages 281-293
  16. Wojciech Szumiński, Maria Przybylska
    Pages 305-317
  17. Ferdinand Verhulst
    Pages 319-335
  18. Valeriy S. Abramov
    Pages 337-350
  19. Wojciech Cholewa
    Pages 351-361
  20. Claudia Lainscsek, Valérie Messager, Adriana Portman, Jean-François Muir, Terrence J. Sejnowski, Christophe Letellier
    Pages 371-382
  21. Gergely Gyebrószki, Gábor Csernák
    Pages 383-395
  22. Andrzej Okniński, Bogusław Radziszewski
    Pages 397-405
  23. Yury D. Selyutskiy
    Pages 415-427
  24. Alireza Ture Savadkoohi, Claude-Henri Lamarque
    Pages 429-442
  25. Sanjuan Szklarz Paweł Cesar, Elżbieta Jarzȩbowska
    Pages 443-455
  26. Carla M. A. Pinto, Ana R. M. Carvalho
    Pages 465-472
  27. Barry J. Gallacher, Zhongxu Hu, Kiran M. Harish, Stephen Bowles, Harry Grigg
    Pages 473-492
  28. Vinícius Piccirillo, Ângelo Marcelo Tusset, José Manoel Balthazar, Davide Bernardini, Guiseppe Rega
    Pages 493-502
  29. Maxim V. Shamolin
    Pages 503-525
  30. Back Matter
    Pages 527-538

About these proceedings


The book is a collection of contributions devoted to analytical, numerical and experimental techniques of dynamical systems, presented at the International Conference on Dynamical Systems: Theory and Applications, held in Łódź, Poland on December 2-5, 2013. The studies give deep insight into both the theory and applications of non-linear dynamical systems, emphasizing directions for future research. Topics covered include: constrained motion of mechanical systems and tracking control; diversities in the inverse dynamics; singularly perturbed ODEs with periodic coefficients; asymptotic solutions to the problem of vortex structure around a cylinder; investigation of the regular and chaotic dynamics; rare phenomena and chaos in power converters; non-holonomic constraints in wheeled robots; exotic bifurcations in non-smooth systems; micro-chaos; energy exchange of coupled oscillators; HIV dynamics; homogenous transformations with applications to off-shore slender structures; novel approaches to a qualitative study of a dissipative system; chaos of postural sway in humans; oscillators with fractional derivatives; controlling chaos via bifurcation diagrams; theories relating to optical choppers with rotating wheels; dynamics in expert systems; shooting methods for non-standard boundary value problems; automatic sleep scoring governed by delay differential equations; isochronous oscillations; the aerodynamics pendulum and its limit cycles; constrained N-body problems; nano-fractal oscillators; and dynamically-coupled dry friction.


Bifurcation Chaos Control theory Differential equations Partial differential equations Stability

Editors and affiliations

  • Jan Awrejcewicz
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  1. 1.Department of Automation, Biomechanics and MechatronicsŁódź University of TechnologyŁódźPoland

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