H2Karst Research in Limestone Hydrogeology

ISBN: 978-3-319-06138-2 (Print) 978-3-319-06139-9 (Online)

Table of contents (13 chapters)

  1. Front Matter

    Pages i-xii

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    Pages 1-17

    Expect the Unexpected! Groundwater Flow in Karstified Carbonate Aquifers

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    Pages 19-48

    Hydraulic Properties of Karst Groundwater and Its Impacts on Large Structures

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    Pages 49-58

    Inferred Conduit Network Geometry from Geological Evidences and Water-Head in a Fluvio-Karstic System (Val D’Orleans, France)

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    Pages 59-68

    Contribution of Isotopes of the Water Molecule to Determine Recharge Altitude of the Main Springs Welling Up in the Middle Atlas Limestone (Morocco)

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    Pages 69-82

    Detection of Underground Cavities by Combining Electrical Resistivity Imaging and Ground Penetrating Radar Surveys: A Case Study from Draa Douamis Area (North East of Algeria)

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    Pages 83-95

    Using Hybrid Genetic Algorithms in Assembling Master Recession Curves of Karst Springs

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    Pages 97-114

    Well Hydrograph Analysis for the Estimation of Hydraulic and Geometric Parameters of Karst and Connected Water Systems

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    Pages 115-126

    Distributed Hydrological Modeling and Model Adaption in High Alpine Karst at Regional Scale (Berchtesgaden Alps, Germany)

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    Pages 127-137

    Diagnostic Plots Applied to Well-Tests in Karst Systems

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    Pages 139-150

    Application of Methods for Resource and Source Vulnerability Mapping in the Orehek Karst Aquifer, SW Slovenia

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    Pages 151-161

    Study of Subterranean Floods in Oceanic Subpolar Karst of Madre de Dios Archipelago (Patagonia, Chile)

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    Pages 163-174

    Characterizing the Hydrogeology of Bell Harbour Catchment, a Coastal Karstic Aquifer Influenced by the Tide and Affected by a Saltwater Intrusion

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    Pages 175-184

    Contaminant Attenuation in Karst Aquifers: A Paradigm Shift