Landslide Science for a Safer Geoenvironment

Volume 2: Methods of Landslide Studies

  • Kyoji Sassa
  • Paolo Canuti
  • Yueping Yin
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Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxix
  2. Physical Modeling and Material Testing

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Open image in new windowIntroduction: Physical Modeling and Material Testing
      Binod Tiwari, Baoping Wen, Yasuhiko Okada, A. A. Virajh Dias
      Pages 3-4
    3. Open image in new windowLaser Scanner Application in Monitoring Short-Term Slope Deformation
      Kiminori Araiba, Naoki Sakai
      Pages 5-11
    4. Open image in new windowExperimental Research of Risk Parameters in the Process of Bedding Rock Landslide Motion
      Bo Chai, Huanying Pan, Xiang Li
      Pages 13-20
    5. Open image in new windowCalculation of Permeability of Clay Mineral in Natural Slope by Using Numerical Analysis
      Junghae Choi, Byung-gon Chae, Katsuyuki Kawamura, Yasuaki Ichikawa
      Pages 21-25
    6. Open image in new windowStudy on the Microscopic Structure Characteristics of the Gray Matter Slate
      Maolin Deng, Qiang Xu, Xing Zhu, Guojun Cai, Guang Zheng
      Pages 27-32
    7. Open image in new windowEffect of Vertical Load on Shear Characteristics of Micro-Piles in Landslide
      ShuFeng Wang, YuePing Yin
      Pages 33-37
    8. Open image in new windowGeotechnical Centrifuge Modelling for Rock Slope Failure: A Brief Overview
      Zhen Feng, Yueping Yin
      Pages 39-43
    9. Open image in new windowPhysical Model of the Mechanism for Thermal Wedging Failure in Rocks
      Vladimir Greif, Ivana Simkova, Jan Vlcko
      Pages 45-50
    10. Open image in new windowShallow Modes of Slope Failure in Road Earth Cuttings in Sri Lanka
      H. M. Janaki M. K. Herath, Sudheera S. I. Kodagoda, A. A. Virajh Dias
      Pages 51-58
    11. Open image in new windowDiscussion on the Method of Intact Loess Humidification Considering Water Content Uniformity
      Kai He, Bin Li
      Pages 59-62
    12. Open image in new windowUndrained Shear-Strength Variation of Salt-Rich Clay: Implications for Fast-Moving Clay Landslides
      Lei He, Bao-ping Wen, Xiu-juan Xu
      Pages 63-68
    13. Open image in new windowAnalysis of Engineering Geological Properties of Sliding-Zone Soil in Large-Scale Landslides in the Weibei Loess Tableland Area
      Bin Li, Shuren Wu, Jusong Shi, Zhen Feng
      Pages 69-74
    14. Open image in new windowDynamic Centrifuge Modelling Tests for Sliding Rock Slopes
      Xianglong Li, Joseph Wartman, Huiming Tang, Jinkai Yan, Hongming Luo, Wei Hu
      Pages 75-79
    15. Open image in new windowChanges in Shear Strain and Subsurface Flow Prior to Rainfall-Induced Landslide in Flume Experiments
      Yasuhiko Okada
      Pages 81-86
    16. Open image in new windowGeotechnical Properties of Landslide Sites in Korea with Differing Geology
      Young-Suk Song, Kyeong-Su Kim
      Pages 87-92
    17. Open image in new windowModelling Fragmentation in Rock Avalanches
      Øystein Thordén Haug, Matthias Rosenau, Karen Leever, Onno Oncken
      Pages 93-100
    18. Open image in new windowExperimental Modelling for the Effect of Rainfall and Earthquake on Slope Stability of Engineered Fill
      Binod Tiwari, Santiago Caballero, Wissam Zalzali
      Pages 101-107
    19. Open image in new windowExperimental Modelling of Seepage in a Sandy Slope
      Binod Tiwari, Adam Lewis
      Pages 109-115
    20. Open image in new windowCurvature of Failure Envelopes for Normally Consolidated Clays
      Binod Tiwari, Beena Ajmera
      Pages 117-122
    21. Open image in new windowExperimental and Numerical Studies on the Effect of Rainfall on Triggering Shallow Landslides
      Binod Tiwari, Katsuyuki Kawai, Adam Lewis, Phommachanh Viradeth
      Pages 123-128
    22. Open image in new windowFeasibility Analysis of Loess Slope Improved by Lime Pile
      Wanjiong Wu, Shouyun Liang, Fanyu Zhang, Xude Yan, Jianji Zhou
      Pages 129-133
    23. Open image in new windowEffect of Soaking on Shear Strength of Weathered Argillaceous Rocks Susceptible to Landsliding in the Three Gorges Area of China
      Baoping Wen, Hui Li, Kaihao Ke
      Pages 135-140
    24. Open image in new windowCreep Behavior of the Slip Zone of a Giant Slow-Moving Landslide in Northwest China: The Suoertou Landslide as an Example
      Xiu-zi Jiang, Bao-ping Wen
      Pages 141-145
    25. Open image in new windowData Collection and Processing for Measurement of Time-Variable Gravity Erosion in the Laboratory Study
      Xiang-Zhou Xu, Song Zhan, Qiao Yan, Ming-Dong Zhu
      Pages 147-152
    26. Open image in new windowStudy on the Effect of Plant Roots for Stability of Slopes
      Udeni P. Nawagamuwa, S. Sarangan, B. Janagan, S. Neerajapriya
      Pages 153-158
    27. Open image in new windowThe Dynamic Process and Sensitivity Analysis for Debris Flow
      Guoqiang Yu, Maosheng Zhang, Hong Chen
      Pages 159-165
    28. Open image in new windowEvaluation of Sensitivity of the WAA and SINMAP Models (Static) for Landslide Susceptibility Risk Mapping in Sri Lanka
      A. A. Virajh Dias, A. A. J. K. Gunathilake
      Pages 167-173
    29. Open image in new windowThe Method for In-situ Large Scale Shear Test of Saturated Soils and Its Application
      Maosheng Zhang, Wei Hu, Lifeng Zhu, Ying Pei, Junbo Bi
      Pages 175-180
    30. Open image in new windowMicrostructural Characteristics of Qinyu Landslide Slip Soil, NW China
      Xuemei Jia, Shouyun Liang, Chenyi Fan
      Pages 181-187
    31. Open image in new window An In-situ Darcy Method for Measuring Soil Permeability of Shallow Vadose Zone
      Pingping Sun, Maosheng Zhang, Lifeng Zhu, Ying Pei, Xiujuan Cheng
      Pages 189-194
    32. Open image in new window Discussion on Assessment in the Collapse of Loess: A Case Study of the Heifangtai Terrace, Gansu, China
      Pingping Sun, Maosheng Zhang, Lifeng Zhu, Qiang Xue, Wei Hu
      Pages 195-199
    33. Open image in new window Quantitative Deformation Analysis of Landslides Based on Multi-period DEM Data
      Qiang Xue, Maosheng Zhang, Lifeng Zhu, Xiujuan Cheng, Ying Pei, Junbo Bi
      Pages 201-207
    34. Open image in new window Research on Prediction Methods of Surges Induced by Landslides in the Three Gorges Reservoir Area of the Yellow River
      Wei Hu, Maosheng Zhang, Lifeng Zhu, Pingping Sun, Xiujuan Cheng, Jun Jia
      Pages 209-214
    35. Open image in new window Analyses of the Changes of Loess Engineering Properties Induced by Irrigation
      Wei Hu, Lifeng Zhu, Maosheng Zhang, Ying Pei, Junbo Bi
      Pages 215-220
    36. Open image in new window Deformation Behavior of Mechanically Stabilized Earth Walls with Geocomposite Drainage Under Seepage Condition
      Avirut Chinkulkijniwat, Somjai Yubonchit
      Pages 221-225
    37. Open image in new window Loess Landslides Respond to Groundwater Level Change in Heifangtai, Gansu Province
      Ying Dong, MaoSheng Zhang, Jie Liu, Pingping Sun, Jun Jia
      Pages 227-231
  3. Application of Numerical Modeling Techniques to Landslides

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 233-233
    2. Open image in new window Introduction: Application of Numerical Modelling Techniques to Landslides
      Marc-André Brideau
      Pages 235-236
    3. Open image in new window Numerical Simulation on the Deformation and Failure of the Slope Treated by Building by Cave Dwellings
      Chunli Chen, Kai He, Tonglu Li
      Pages 237-241
    4. Open image in new window Long-and Short-term Controls on the Spriana Rockslide (Central Alps, Italy)
      Federico Agliardi, Giovanni B. Crosta
      Pages 243-249
    5. Open image in new windowEngineering Geology and Numerical Modelling of a Steep Rock Slope for the Ensi-Qianjiang Expressway, China
      Xiuwen Hu, Doug Stead, Longxiang Zhai, Hongyan Jin, Dezhi Kong
      Pages 251-258
    6. Open image in new windowDetermination of the Effective Computing Region for Rock Slope Stability Based on Seismic Wave Theory
      Chen Zhenlin, Hu Xiao
      Pages 259-265
    7. Open image in new windowFactors Controlling Kinematic Behaviour of a Huge Slow-Moving Landslide in China
      Shu Jiang, Baoping Wen, Cheng Zhao, Ruidong Li
      Pages 267-273
    8. Open image in new windowFinite Element Simulation for an Earthquake-Induced Catastrophic Landslide Considering Strain-Softening Characteristics of Sensitive Clays
      Akihiko Wakai, Fei Cai, Keizo Ugai, Tsutomu Soda
      Pages 275-280
    9. Open image in new windowNumerical Modelling of Deformation for Partially Saturated Slopes Subjected to Rainfall
      Binod Tiwari, Katsuyuki Kawai, Phommachanh Viradeth
      Pages 281-285
    10. Open image in new windowFeasibility Study of Dumping Area on Bearing Capacity and Slope Stability Analysis
      Twin Hosea W. Kristyanto, Iskandar, Dicky Muslim, Febri Hirnawan
      Pages 287-290
    11. Open image in new windowModelling Rockslide Displacements with Delayed Plasticity
      Gabriele Frigerio, Riccardo Castellanza, Giovanni Battista Crosta, Claudio di Prisco
      Pages 291-298
  4. Remote Sensing Techniques for Landslide Mapping and Monitoring

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 299-299

About these proceedings


This volume contains peer-reviewed papers from the Third World Landslide Forum organized by the International Consortium on Landslides (ICL) in June 2014. The complete collection of papers from the Forum is published in three full-color volumes and one mono-color volume. This second full-color volume contains the following:


·        Physical modeling and material testing

·        Application of numerical modeling techniques to landslides

·        Remote sensing techniques for landslide mapping and monitoring

·        Hazard mapping

·        Monitoring, prediction, and warning of landslides

·        Risk assessment

·        Remedial measures and prevention works

·        Risk reduction strategy

·        Inventory and database


ICL Landslides Mapping Monitoring Natural Hazards Risk Analysis Risk Mitigation World Landslide Forum 3

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