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Stereoselective Syntheses of Tetrahydropyrans

Applications to the Synthesis of (+)-Leucascandrolide A, (+)-Dactylolide and (±)-Diospongin A


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In his thesis, Kiyoun Lee describes his studies into tandem and organocatalytic oxa-conjugate addition reactions for the synthesis of complex tetrahydropyrans (THP). Readers gain insight into the new methods Lee employs for the synthesis of biologically interesting natural products including (+)-leucascandrolide A, (+)-dactylolide, and (±)-diospongin A. The reactions Lee investigates are applicable to a broad range of substrates and proceed with excellent stereoselectivity. Moreover, the methodologies allow the synthesis of a wide range of THP-containing compounds. The development of reactions, such as those discussed by Lee, has the potential to impact natural product synthesis, pharmaceutical development and chemical biology.


(+)-Dactylolide (+)-Leucascandrolide A (±)-Diospongin A Gem-disubstituent Effect Tandem Cross-metathesis/thermal SN2′ Tandem and Organocatalytic Oxa-conjugate Addition Tetrahydropyran

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