New Directions in the Philosophy of Science

  • Maria Carla Galavotti
  • Dennis Dieks
  • Wenceslao J. Gonzalez
  • Stephan Hartmann
  • Thomas Uebel
  • Marcel Weber

Part of the The Philosophy of Science in a European Perspective book series (PSEP, volume 5)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xii
  2. Formal Methods

  3. Philosophy of the Natural and Life Sciences

  4. Philosophy of the Cultural and Social Sciences

  5. Philosophy of the Physical Sciences

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 383-383
    2. Christopher A. Fuchs
      Pages 385-402
    3. Guido Bacciagaluppi
      Pages 403-416
    4. F. A. Muller
      Pages 417-431
    5. Ronnie Hermens
      Pages 469-478
    6. Petr Švarný
      Pages 479-484
    7. Andreas Bartels, Daniel Wohlfarth
      Pages 485-500
    8. Mario Hubert, Roland Poellinger
      Pages 501-509
    9. Radin Dardashti, Luke Glynn, Karim Thébault, Mathias Frisch
      Pages 531-542
    10. Tomasz Placek
      Pages 561-576
    11. Dennis Dieks
      Pages 577-586
  6. History of the Philosophy of Science

About this book


This volume sheds light on still unexplored issues and raises new questions in the main areas addressed by the philosophy of science. Bringing together selected papers from three main events, the book presents the most advanced scientific results in the field and suggests innovative lines for further investigation. It explores how discussions on several notions of the philosophy of science can help different scientific disciplines in learning from each other. Finally, it focuses on the relationship between Cambridge and Vienna in twentieth century philosophy of science. The areas examined in the book are: formal methods, the philosophy of the natural and life sciences, the cultural and social sciences, the physical sciences, and the history of the philosophy of science.


19th-Century Philosophy of Psychology Algebraic Quantum Field Theory Autonomy of Psychological Methods Bayesian Confirmation Theory Elementary Particles and Metaphysics History of the Philosophy of Science Mathematics in the Special Sciences Measurements in Cancer Research Philosophy of Biology Philosophy of Computer-assisted Mathematics Philosophy of Physics Philosophy of Science Philosophy of Social Science Philosophy of the Cultural and Social Sciences Philosophy of the Natural and Life Sciences Philosophy of the Physical Sciences Pluralism in Psychiatry Pragmatism and European Philosophy Social Choice Theory Statistical Physics

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  • Maria Carla Galavotti
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  • Dennis Dieks
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  • Wenceslao J. Gonzalez
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  • Stephan Hartmann
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  • Thomas Uebel
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  • Marcel Weber
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