Air Pollution Modeling and its Application XXIII

  • Douw Steyn
  • Rohit Mathur

Part of the Springer Proceedings in Complexity book series (SPCOM)

Table of contents

  1. A. Poupkou, N. Liora, A. Karagiannidis, T. Giannaros, C. Giannaros, D. Melas et al.
    Pages 307-310
  2. Babatunde J. Abiodun, Adefolake M. Ojumu, Samantha Jenner, Tunde V. Ojumu
    Pages 317-322
  3. Małgorzata Werner, Maciej Kryza, Anthony J. Dore, Kinga Wałaszek
    Pages 323-327
  4. Claudio Gariazzo, Camillo Silibello, Sandro Finardi, Paola Radice, Alessio D’Allura, Monica Gherardi et al.
    Pages 349-354
  5. Jorge Humberto Amorim, Joana Valente, Cláudia Pimentel, Pedro Cascão, Vera Rodrigues, Ana Isabel Miranda et al.
    Pages 355-360
  6. Vladimir Fuka, Libor Kukačka, Josef Brechler
    Pages 361-366
  7. L. Mortarini, G. Tinarelli, S. Trini Castelli, G. Carlino, D. Anfossi
    Pages 367-371
  8. Rafiq Hamdi, Hans Van De Vyver, Rozemien De Troch, Piet Termonia, Andy Delcloo
    Pages 379-383
  9. Wouter Lefebvre, Martine Van Poppel, Bino Maiheu, Stijn Janssen, Evi Dons, Clemens Mensink
    Pages 385-389
  10. Wouter Lefebvre, Charlotte Vanpoucke, Frans Fierens, Stijn Janssen, Bart Degraeuwe, Clemens Mensink
    Pages 391-394
  11. Bernd Leitl, Silvia Trini Castelli, Kathrin Baumann-Stanzer, Tamir G. Reisin, Photios Barmpas, Marton Balczo et al.
    Pages 395-399
  12. Gianni Tinarelli, Lorenzo Mauri, Cristina Pozzi, Alessandro Nanni, Andrea Ciaramella, Valentina Puglisi et al.
    Pages 407-410
  13. L. Mortarini, S. Alessandrini, E. Ferrero, D. Anfossi, M. Manfrin
    Pages 411-415
  14. Arcangelo Sena D’Anna, Luis Díaz Alarcón, Alberto Espinoza Cedeño, Enrique Chacón Melgarejo
    Pages 421-426
  15. Kristen M. Foley, Christian Hogrefe, George A. Pouliot, Shawn J. Roselle, Norm Possiel, Heather Simon et al.
    Pages 433-438
  16. Jeremy D. Silver, Jesper H. Christensen, Michael Kahnert, Lennart Robertson, Jørgen Brandt
    Pages 439-444
  17. Greg Yarwood, Chris Emery, Kirk Baker, Pat Dolwick
    Pages 445-450
  18. S. Galmarini, I. Kioutsioukis, E. Solazzo
    Pages 451-456
  19. Christian Hogrefe, Stefano Galmarini, Shawn Roselle, Rohit Mathur
    Pages 463-466
  20. Lucy Davis, Nick Savage, Paul Agnew, Carlos Ordóñez, Marie Tilbee
    Pages 467-473
  21. Alba Badia, Oriol Jorba, Roman Nuterman, Alexander Baklanov, Jose María Baldasano
    Pages 475-480
  22. S. Banzhaf, M. Schaap, R. Kranenburg, A. M. M. Manders, A. J. Segers, A. H. J. Visschedijk et al.
    Pages 481-488
  23. Jonathan Pleim, Robert Gilliam, Wyat Appel, James Godowitch, David Wong, George Pouliot et al.
    Pages 489-493
  24. Andy Delcloo, Rafiq Hamdi, Alex Deckmyn, Hugo De Backer, Gilles Forêt, Piet Termonia et al.
    Pages 495-498
  25. Philippe Thunis, Bertrand Bessagnet, Etienne Terrenoire, Augustin Colette
    Pages 499-504
  26. Efisio Solazzo, Stefano Galmarini
    Pages 505-510
  27. Li Pan, Daniel Tong, Pius Lee, Hyuncheol Kim, Tianfeng Chai, Charles Ding
    Pages 511-517
  28. Wouter Lefebvre, Guido Cosemans, Stijn Janssen, Clemens Mensink
    Pages 519-523
  29. Ekaterina Batchvarova, Sven-Erik Gryning, Henrik Skov, Lise Lotte Sørensen, Hristina Kirova, Christoph Münkel
    Pages 525-529
  30. V. Valdenebro, E. Sáez de Cámara, G. Gangoiti, L. Alonso, J. A. García, J. L. Ilardia et al.
    Pages 535-538
  31. A. Balzarini, F. Angelini, L. Ferrero, M. Moscatelli, G. Pirovano, G. M. Riva et al.
    Pages 545-549
  32. Hyun Cheol Kim, Heesu Choi, Fantine Ngan, Pius Lee
    Pages 551-556
  33. A. Balzarini, L. Honzak, G. Pirovano, G. M. Riva, R. Zabkar
    Pages 557-561
  34. Daniel Q. Tong, Hang Lei, Li Pan, Tianfeng Chai, Hyuncheol Kim, Pius Lee et al.
    Pages 563-569
  35. Jessica L. Neu, Gregory Osterman, Annmarie Eldering, Rob Pinder, Jeff McQueen, Youhua Tang
    Pages 575-580
  36. Tianfeng Chai, Pius Lee, Li Pan, Hyuncheol Kim, Daniel Tong
    Pages 581-585
  37. Roberto San José, Juan Luis Pérez, R. M. González, J. Pecci, M. Palacios
    Pages 599-603

About these proceedings


Recent developments in air pollution modelling are explored as a series of contributions from researchers at the forefront of their field. This newest contribution on air pollution modelling and its application is focused on local, urban, regional and intercontinental modelling; data assimilation and air quality forecasting; model assessment and evaluation; aerosol transformation. Additionally, this work also examines the relationship between air quality and human health and the effects of climate change on air quality. The work derives from  a series of papers presented at the 33rd International Technical Meeting on Air Pollution Modelling and its Application held in Miami, USA, August 27 - 31, 2013.  The book is intended as reference material for students and professors interested in air pollution modelling at the graduate level as well as researchers and professionals involved in developing and utilizing air pollution models.


Aerosol Dynamics Air Pollution Modelling Air Quality Effects on Human Health Air Quality Forecasting Air Quality Trend Assessments Air Quality Trend Assessments High-resolution Spatial Maps of Air Quality ITM 2013 Proceedings Local and Urban Scale Modelling

Editors and affiliations

  • Douw Steyn
    • 1
  • Rohit Mathur
    • 2
  1. 1.Department of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric SciencesThe University of British ColumbiaVancouverCanada
  2. 2.Atmospheric Modeling and Analysis Div.United States Environmental Protection AgencyResearch Triangle ParkUSA

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