Proportional Representation

Apportionment Methods and Their Applications

  • Friedrich Pukelsheim

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About this book


The book offers a rigorous description of the procedures that proportional representation systems use to translate vote counts into seat numbers. Since the methodological analysis is guided by practical needs, plenty of empirical instances are provided and reviewed to motivate the development, and to illustrate the results. Concrete examples, like the 2009 elections to the European Parliament in each of the 27 Member States and the 2013 election to the German Bundestag, are analyzed in full detail. The level of mathematical exposition, as well as the relation to political sciences and constitutional jurisprudence makes this book suitable for special graduate courses and seminars.


apportionment methodology electoral system design proportional representation systems

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  • Friedrich Pukelsheim
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  1. 1.Universität Augsburg Institut für MathematikAugsburgGermany

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