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  2. A. Reis Monteiro
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  3. Ethics and Human Rights

  4. Human Rights: Common Ethics of Humankind

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      Pages 159-159
    2. A. Reis Monteiro
      Pages 161-198
    3. A. Reis Monteiro
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    4. A. Reis Monteiro
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  5. Human Rights Revolution

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      Pages 353-353
    2. A. Reis Monteiro
      Pages 355-388
    3. A. Reis Monteiro
      Pages 389-422
    4. A. Reis Monteiro
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About this book


This volume focuses on the ethical significance of human rights, aiming at contributing to a universal culture of human rights with deep roots and wide horizons. Its purpose, scope and rationale are reflected in the three-part structure of the manuscript. Part I has a broad introductory historical, theoretical and legal character. Part II submits that an Ethics of Human Rights is best understood as an Ethics of Recognition of human worth, dignity and rights. Moreover, it is argued that human worth consists in the perfectibility of the human species, rooted in its semiotic nature, to be accomplished through the perfecting of human beings, for which the right to education is key. In Part III, the main legal and political outcomes of the Human Rights Revolution are described and answers to the most lasting and common criticisms of human rights are provided. To conclude, the human stature of the Big Five drafters of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is profiled and the priority that should be recognized to human rights education is highlighted. Some appendices supplement the manuscript. While making a case for the high value and liberating power of the idea and ideal of human rights, objections, controversies and uncertainties are not at all overlooked and emerging issues are explored. The diversity of content of this volume meets many needs of the typical syllabus for a human rights course.


Advent of the United Nations Commission on Human Rights Common Ethics of Humanity Common Responsibility Of Humankind Declaration of Human Rights Declarations of Rights Democracy, Development And Peace Development Of Human Rights Dignity And Abortion Dignity And Corporal Punishment Dignity And Death Penalty Dignity And Freedom Of Speech Dignity And Sexuality Dignity And Treatment Of Prisoners Dignity In Death Dignity Of Life Dignity, Autonomy And Privacy Equality And Diversity Ethics and Human Rights Historical Outlook Of Ethical Though Human Rights Protection Human Rights Revolution Human Rights Treaties Human Worth Human dignity Human rights International Covenants on Human Rights Life And Liberty Morality and Human Rights Natural Law And Natural Rights Non-discrimination Normative Ethics Tolerance And Solidarity United Nations Charter and the Human Rights

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