Magnetism and Synchrotron Radiation: Towards the Fourth Generation Light Sources

Proceedings of the 6th International School “Synchrotron Radiation and Magnetism”, Mittelwihr (France), 2012

  • Eric Beaurepaire
  • Hervé Bulou
  • Loic Joly
  • Fabrice Scheurer
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  9. Andrei Rogalev, Fabrice Wilhelm, José Goulon, Gérard Goujon
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About these proceedings


 Advances in the synthesis of new materials with often complex, nano-scaled structures require increasingly sophisticated experimental techniques that can probe the electronic states, the atomic magnetic moments and the magnetic microstructures responsible for the properties of these materials.

At the same time, progress in synchrotron radiation techniques has ensured that these light sources remain a key tool of investigation, e.g. synchrotron radiation sources of the third generation are able to support magnetic imaging on a sub-micrometer scale.

With the Sixth Mittelwihr School on Magnetism and Synchrotron Radiation the tradition of teaching the state-of-the-art on modern research developments continues and is expressed through the present set of extensive lectures provided in this volume. While primarily aimed at postgraduate students and newcomers to the field, this volume will also benefit researchers and lecturers actively working in the field.


Free Electron Lasers / X-FEL High-brilliance Light Sources Magnetic Imaging Techniques Mittelwihr School Proceedings Spectroscopies of Complex Materials Strongly Correlated Systems Synchrotron Radiation

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