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Legal Narratives

European Perspectives on U.S. Law in Cultural Context

  • Gudrun M. Grabher
  • Anna Gamper

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Over the past two decades the interdisciplinary research and teaching field "Law and the Humanities" has established itself, especially at American universities. It provides new approaches to legal systems from the perspective of various disciplines of the humanities and places relations and connections within a cultural context. Based on this interdisciplinary approach, this volume offers contributions to a whole variety of U.S. legal issues - from the birth of the Constitution to tort law and criminal justice. From their perspective of the Austrian legal system, legal scholars deal with various aspects of legal theory and practice while "Americanists" analyze characteristics of this legal system in their cultural context, drawing on historical documents as well as on literature and film. The book presents an exciting European perspective on this transatlantic legal complexity upon the background of its culture and history.


American Studies Civil Law Compensation Law Criminal Justice Criminal Law European Law International Law Law and humanities extra-European law culture

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  • Gudrun M. Grabher
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  • Anna Gamper
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  1. 1.University of InnsbruckAustria

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