Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XII
  2. Opening Lecture

  3. Essays

  4. Reports

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 107-107
    2. Barbara C. Steininger
      Pages 108-144
    3. Isabelle C. Durant
      Pages 145-169
    4. Viktor Tokushev
      Pages 170-179
    5. Jiří Hrádek
      Pages 180-205
    6. Søren Bergenser
      Pages 206-212
    7. Ken Oliphant
      Pages 213-239
    8. Janno Lahe, Irene Kull
      Pages 240-255
    9. Suvianna Hakalehto-Wainio
      Pages 256-263
    10. Olivier Moréteau
      Pages 264-284
    11. Florian Wagner-von Papp, Jörg Fedtke
      Pages 285-323
    12. Eugenia Dacoronia
      Pages 324-342
    13. Attila Menyhárd
      Pages 343-363
    14. Eoin Quill
      Pages 364-384
    15. Emanuela Navarretta, Elena Bargelli
      Pages 385-400
    16. Agris Bitāns
      Pages 401-413
    17. Herkus Gabartas, Loreta Šaltinytė
      Pages 414-434
    18. G. Caruana Demajo, L. Quintano, D. Zammit
      Pages 435-460
    19. Michael G. Faure, Ton Hartlief
      Pages 461-483
    20. Anne Marie Anfinsen, Bjarte Askeland
      Pages 484-498
    21. Ewa Bagińska
      Pages 499-525
    22. André Gonçalo Dias Pereira
      Pages 526-540
    23. Christian Alunaru, Lucian Bojin
      Pages 541-570
    24. Anton Dulak
      Pages 571-578
    25. Rok Lampe
      Pages 579-596
    26. Jordi Ribot, Albert Ruda
      Pages 597-625
    27. Håkan Andersson
      Pages 626-635
    28. Peter Loser
      Pages 636-646
    29. Dagmar Hinghofer-Szalkay, Bernhard A. Koch
      Pages 647-657
    30. Ken Oliphan
      Pages 658-675
  5. Back Matter
    Pages 676-708

About this book


A harmonisation of European law presupposes sound mutual knowledge of the jurisdictions involved in the harmonisation process. However, partly due to language problems it is not always easy to obtain information about all these jurisdictions, especially as far as new developments are concerned. Against this background, the European Centre of Tort and Insurance Law and the - stitute for European Tort Law decided to publish a Yearbook on European Tort Law containing reports on the most interesting new developments in the field of tort law in different European countries. The eighth Yearbook on European Tort Law includes reports on most EU Member States, including the new Member States Bulgaria and Romania. Contributions from Switzerland and Norway as well as an overview of the developments in the field of EC law are also included. Furthermore, the Ye- book includes a comparative overview and several essays on key issues of tort law, most of which focus on questions of burden of proof. These essays, as well as the most important results of the country reports and the compa- tive overview, were presented and discussed at the 8th Annual Conference on European Tort Law in Vienna from 16 to 18 April 2009. The 9th Annual Conference on European Tort Law will again take place in Vienna from 8 to 10 April 2010.


european tort law yearbook 2008

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  • European Centre of Tort and Insurance Law
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  • Institute for European Tort Law of the Austrian Academy of Sciences
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  • Helmut Koziol
  • Barbara C. Steininger
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