Biochemistry of Vitamin B6

Proceedings of the 7th International Congress on Chemical and Biological Aspects of Vitamin B6 Catalysis, held in Turku, Finland, June 22–26, 1987

  • Timo K. Korpela
  • Philipp Christen

Part of the Birkhäuser Congress Reports book series (ALS)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages ii-xxv
  2. Prologue in Honour of Alexander E. Braunstein 1902–1986

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. David E. Metzler
      Pages 15-17
  3. Molecular Biology and Site-Directed Mutagenesis

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 19-19
    2. P. Christen, R. Jaussi, H. Gehring, C. P. Sharma, J. Flückiger, N. Juretić et al.
      Pages 21-29
    3. T. Nishi, F. Nagashima, Y. Fukumoto, S. Tanase, Y. Morino, T. Joh et al.
      Pages 31-34
    4. J. R. Mattingly Jr., F. J. Rodriguez-Berrocal, J. Gordon, M. Martinez-Carrion
      Pages 35-38
    5. Hideyuki Hayashi, Yoshiyuki Horio, Tatsuya Tanaka, Masato Taketoshi, Hiroshi Wada
      Pages 39-42
    6. James L. Hargrove, James F. Trotter
      Pages 51-54
    7. Jack F. Kirsch, Wayne L. Finlayson, Michael D. Toney, Ciaran N. Cronin
      Pages 59-67
    8. H. Kagamiyama, S. Kuramitsu, Y. Inoue, S. Tanase, Y. Morino
      Pages 69-72
    9. Edith Wilson Miles, Haruhiko Kawasaki, Syed Ashrafuddin Ahmed, Ronald Bauerle
      Pages 73-81
  4. Aminotransferases

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 87-87
    2. J. N. Jansonius, M. G. Vincent, C. A. McPhalen, D. Picot
      Pages 89-98
    3. C. A. McPhalen, M. G. Vincent, D. Picot, J. N. Jansonius
      Pages 99-102
    4. David E. Metzler, Carol M. Metzler, Jayati Mitra, R. David Scott, Arthur Arnone, C. Craig Hyde et al.
      Pages 103-110
    5. Carol M. Metzler, David E. Metzler, Ping Jin, John Likos
      Pages 111-113
    6. M. V. Cubellis, C. Rozzo, G. Sannia, M. I. Arnone, G. Marino
      Pages 125-128
    7. M. V. Rosenberg, V. L. Makarov, F. Bossa, Yu. M. Torchinsky
      Pages 129-133
    8. B. I. Yang, L. C. Foster, D. J. Kearney, M. R. Barnes, T. T. Tran, J. L. Lambing
      Pages 143-146
    9. S. Kuramitsu, K. Inoue, H. Kagamiyama
      Pages 153-156
    10. J. Kallen, M. Kania, Z. Markovic-Housley, M. G. Vincent, J. N. Jansonius
      Pages 157-160
    11. L. J. Fowler, D. A. Kennard, N. Kirby, A. Aitken, C. Southan
      Pages 161-164
  5. Other Vitamin B6-Enzymes of Amino Acid Metabolism

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 169-169
    2. Michael F. Dunn, Melinda Roy, Brian Robustell, Valentin Aguilar
      Pages 171-181
    3. Z. Markovic-Housley, M. Kania, M. G. Vincent, J. N. Jansonius, R. A. John
      Pages 187-190
    4. Robert A. John, Peter L. Grant, John M. Basford, Hans Degn
      Pages 191-194
    5. P. Dominici, B. Tancini, M. Simmaco, D. Barra, F. Bossa, C. Borri Voltattorni
      Pages 195-198
    6. C. Salerno, A. Giartosio, P. Dominici, C. Turano, C. Borri Voltattorni
      Pages 199-202
    7. F. Bossa, F. Martini, S. Angelaccio, S. Pascarella, B. Maras, V. Schirch et al.
      Pages 203-206
    8. B. Fubara, L. Davis
      Pages 207-210
    9. N. G. Faleev, S. B. Ruvinov, T. V. Demidkina, I. V. Myagkikh, M. Yu. Gololobov, V. I. Bakhmutov et al.
      Pages 211-220
    10. N. Esaki, T. Nakayama, H. Tanaka, K. Soda
      Pages 225-228
    11. T. Nagasawa, T. Satoda, K. Tanizawa, H. Yamada
      Pages 229-232
    12. Yu M. Torchinsky, I. S. Sakharova, L. N. Zakomyrdina
      Pages 233-237
    13. H. Kumagai, H. Suzuki, H. Shigematsu, T. Tochikura
      Pages 239-241

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  1. 1.Department of BiochemistryUniversity of TurkuTurkuFinland
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