The Gohberg Anniversary Collection

Volume I: The Calgary Conference and Matrix Theory Papers and Volume II: Topics in Analysis and Operator Theory

  • H. Dym
  • S. Goldberg
  • M. A. Kaashoek
  • P. Lancaster

Part of the Operator Theory: Advances and Applications book series (OT, volume 40/41)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XV
  2. The Calgary Conference, honoring Israel Gohberg on the occasion of his 60th birthday

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-2
  3. Papers on Matrix Theory and its Application

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 109-109
    2. Tsuyoshi Ando, Fumio Kubo
      Pages 111-131
    3. Rajendra Bhatia, Man-Duen Choi, Chandler Davis
      Pages 151-164
    4. Nir Cohen, Charles R. Johnson, Leiba Rodman, Hugo J. Woerdeman
      Pages 165-185
    5. Kenneth R. Davidson
      Pages 187-201
    6. Thomas Kailath, Joohwan Ghun
      Pages 231-246
    7. André C. M. Ran, Leiba Rodman
      Pages 391-425
    8. A. C. M. Ran, L. Roozemond
      Pages 427-435
    9. Pál Rózsa, Roberto Bevilacqua, Paola Favati, Francesco Romani
      Pages 447-469
  4. Duality Methods for the Boundary Control of Some Evolution Equations

    1. Frederic Abergel, Roger Temam
      Pages 493-504
  5. Unitary Extensions of Isometries and Contractive Intertwining Dilations

  6. Factorization and General Properties of Nonlinear Toeplitz Operatorss

    1. Joseph A. Ball, J. William Helton
      Pages 517-533
  7. Quasilocal Algebras Over Index Sets with a Minimal Condition

  8. The Analogue of Kuroda’s Theorm for n-tuples

    1. Hari Bercovici, Dan Voiculescu
      Pages 549-552
  9. The Geometry of Representing Measures and Their Critical Values

  10. Boundary Element Analysis of a Direct Method for the Biharmonic Dirichlet Problem

  11. Nonlinear Lifting Theorems, Integral Representations and Stationary Processes in Algebraic Scattering Systems

  12. Characteristic Functions of Unitary Colligations and of Bounded Operators in Krein Spaces

    1. Branko Ćurgus, Aad. Dijksma, Heinz Langer, H. S. V. de Snoo
      Pages 617-644
  13. Differential Operators of Fractional Order and Boundary Value Problems in the Complex Domain

  14. On Reproducing Kernel Spaces, J Unitary Matrix Functions, Interpolation and Displacement Rank

  15. On Asymptotic Toeplitz and Hankel Operators

    1. Avraham Feintuch
      Pages 733-746
  16. Iterative Commutant Lifting for Systems with Rational Symbol

    1. Ciprian Foias, Allen Tannenbaum
      Pages 747-769
  17. On the Reduction of Coercive Singular Perturbations to Regular Perturbations

  18. Averaging Techniques for the Transport Operator and an Existence Theorem for the BGK Equation in Kinetic Theory

  19. Factorization of Nonlinear Systems

    1. J. William Helton
      Pages 803-820
  20. Minimal Lower Separable Representations: Characterization and Construction

  21. On the Inclination of Hyperinvariant Subspaces of C11-Contractions

  22. Unimodular Möbius-Invariant Contractive Divisors for the Bergman Space

  23. Trigonometric Approximation of Solutions of Periodic Pseudodifferential Equations

  24. Wiener-Hopf Factorization of Certain Non-Rational Matrix Functions in Mathematical Physics

  25. Classes of operator monotone functions and stieltjes functions

  26. A Unified Approach to Function Models, and the Transcription Problem

    1. Nikolai K. Nikolskii, Vasily I. Yasyunin
      Pages 897-926
  27. Quadrature Methods for Strongly Elliptic Cauchy Singular Integral Equations on an Interval

  28. General Wiener-Hopf Operators and Representation of Their Generalized Inverses

  29. Exposed Points in H 1, I

    1. Donald Sarason
      Pages 977-988
  30. Geometrical Properties of a Unit Sphere of the Operator Spaces in Lp

    1. E. M. Semenov, I. Ya. Shneiberg
      Pages 989-1001
  31. C *-Algebras of Crystal Groups

    1. Keith F. Taylor
      Pages 1003-1010
  32. On Wiener-Hopf Determinants

    1. Harold Widom
      Pages 1011-1035
  33. Erratum to: On Wiener-Hopf Determinants

About this book


R. S. PHILLIPS I am very gratified to have been asked to give this introductory talk for our honoured guest, Israel Gohberg. I should like to begin by spending a few minutes talking shop. One of the great tragedies of being a mathematician is that your papers are read so seldom. On the average ten people will read the introduction to a paper and perhaps two of these will actually study the paper. It's difficult to know how to deal with this problem. One strategy which will at least get you one more reader, is to collaborate with someone. I think Israel early on caught on to this, and I imagine that by this time most of the analysts in the world have collaborated with him. He continues relentlessly in this pursuit; he visits his neighbour Harry Dym at the Weizmann Institute regularly, he spends several months a year in Amsterdam working with Rien Kaashoek, several weeks in Maryland with Seymour Goldberg, a couple of weeks here in Calgary with Peter Lancaster, and on the rare occasions when he is in Tel Aviv, he takes care of his many students.


C*-algebra differential operator evolution perturbation perturbation theory

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