Free Radicals: from Basic Science to Medicine

  • G. Poli
  • E. Albano
  • M. U. Dianzani

Part of the Molecular and Cell Biology Updates book series (MCBU)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-X
  2. Free Radicals: Generation and Mechanism of Damage

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Kelvin J. A. Davies, Anne G. Wiese, Robert E. Pacifici, Joanna M. S. Davies
      Pages 18-30
    3. Roger H. Bisby, Anthony W. Parker
      Pages 31-37
    4. H. Nohl
      Pages 38-46
    5. S. Orrenius
      Pages 47-64
    6. M. Comporti
      Pages 65-79
    7. Kevin H. Cheeseman
      Pages 80-88
    8. R. Meneghini, E. A. L. Martinsand, M. Calderaro
      Pages 102-112
  3. Aging

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 123-123
    2. D. Harman
      Pages 124-143
    3. V. M. Monnier, D. R. Sell, R. H. Magaraj, P. Odetti
      Pages 157-168
    4. U. M. Marinari, L. Cosso, M. A. Pronzato, G. Noberasco, P. Odetti
      Pages 169-174
  4. Cancer

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 185-186
    2. Roy H. Burdon
      Pages 187-198
    3. P. Cerutti, G. Shah, A. Peskin, P. Amstad
      Pages 206-217
    4. T. Galeotti, S. Borrello, M. E. De Leo, L. Masotti
      Pages 218-225
  5. Metabolic Disorders

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 241-241
    2. B. R. Bacon, R. S. Britton, R. O’Neill, S. C. Y. Li, Y. Kobayashi
      Pages 242-254
    3. F. De Matteis, S. J. Dawson, M. E. Fracasso, A. H. Gibbs
      Pages 255-261
    4. C. Jochmann, S. Klee, M. Nürnberger, F. R. Ungemach, M. Younes, T. Grune et al.
      Pages 262-273
    5. M. Parola, E. Albano, G. Leonarduzzi, R. Muraca, I. Dianzani, G. Poli et al.
      Pages 274-286
    6. G. Nanni, D. Cottalasso, D. Dapino, C. Domenicotti, M. A. Pronzato, U. M. Marinari
      Pages 302-309
    7. E. Albano, P. Clot, M. Tabone, S. Aricò, M. Ingelman-Sundberg
      Pages 310-322
    8. Catherine Rice-Evans
      Pages 323-339
    9. A. Andalibi, S. Hama, S. Imes, R. Gates, M. Navab, A. M. Fogelman
      Pages 349-363
  6. Antioxidant

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 364-364
    2. Wolf Bors, Werner Heller, Christa Michel, Kurt Stettmaier
      Pages 374-387
    3. Graham W. Burton, Lise Hughes, David O. Foster, Ewa Pietrzak, Mark A. Goss-Samson, David P. R. Muller
      Pages 388-399
    4. Giorgio Bellomo, Mariapia Vairetti, Giusy Palladini, Francesca Mirabelli, Lucianna Stivala, Plinio Richelmi
      Pages 400-411
    5. Toshihiko Mayumi, Henry J. Schiller, Gregory B. Bulkley
      Pages 438-457
    6. Makoto Mino, Masayuki Miki, Hiromi Ogihara, Toru Ogihara, Hiroshi Yasuda, Ryoya Hirano
      Pages 458-478
    7. Lawrence J. Dahm, Paula S. Samiec, John W. Eley, Elaine W. Flagg, Ralph J. Coates, Dean P. Jones
      Pages 506-523
  7. Back Matter
    Pages 525-529

About this book


Free radical-mediated reactions have been well known in chemistry and physical chemistry for many years. Applying this knowledge to living organisms, biochemists have shown that reactive free radicals are formed at many intracellular sites during normal metabolism, and they have started to suggest possible roles in various pathological processes and conditions, for example in radiation damage, in the metabolism of xenobiotics, in carcinogenesis and in metabolic disorders. At present, a large and relevant mass of experimental evidence supports the view that reactive free radicals are involved in the pathogenesis of several diseases and syndromes. This literature has captured the attention and interest of people involved in the biomedical field. Exciting developments in radical research are probable in the near future, establishing a greater interaction between basic science research and medicine. While the task of defining the involvement of free radicals in human pathology is difficult, it is nonetheless extremely important that such interaction be fulfilled as soon as possible. These were the considerations motivating us during the organization of the VI Biennial Meeting of the International Society for Free Radical Research held in Torino, Italy, in June 1992, and also during the preparation of this book. Experts in the various aspects of free radical research were invited to participate in the Torino Meeting and to contribute chapters for this volume.


chemistry metabolism science

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  • E. Albano
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  • M. U. Dianzani
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