Clinical and Biological Basis of Lung Cancer Prevention

  • Yves Martinet
  • Fred R. Hirsch
  • Nadine Martinet
  • Jean-Michel Vignaud
  • James L. Mulshine

Part of the Respiratory Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy book series (RPP)

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  2. Fred R. Hirsch, James L. Mulshine
    Pages 1-14
  3. Philip Tønnesen, Ellen R. Gritz, Nigel Gray, Ingrid R. Nielsen
    Pages 15-29
  4. Ugo Pastorino, Franca Formelli
    Pages 31-38
  5. Elisabeth Brambilla
    Pages 39-56
  6. Ignacio I. Wistuba, Adi F. Gazdar
    Pages 57-66
  7. Jean-Michel Vignaud, Béatrice Marie, Evelyne Picard, Karim Nabil, Jöelle Siat, Francoise Galateau-Salle et al.
    Pages 75-93
  8. Irene E. Schauer, Robert A. Sclafani
    Pages 105-116
  9. Xin W. Wang, Marc S. Greenblatt, Curtis C. Harris
    Pages 117-127
  10. Michael J. Seckl, Enrique Rozengurt
    Pages 129-142
  11. Glenn S. Kroog, Mark R. Hellmich, Mark A. Akeson, Robert T. Jensen, John K. Northup, James F. Battey
    Pages 143-156
  12. Samir M. Hanash, Bruce Richardson, Rork Kuick, Katharina Wimmer, Didier H. Thoraval, Barbara Lamb et al.
    Pages 157-167
  13. Daniel R. Jacobson
    Pages 169-183
  14. Caroline Leroux, Monique Lyon, Bénédicte Etienne, Robert Loire, Jean-François Mornex
    Pages 185-192
  15. André Toulouse, Johane Morin, Ying Ying, Joseph Ayoub, W. Edward C. Bradley
    Pages 193-205
  16. Simone Benhamou, Catherine Bonaïti-Pellié
    Pages 207-212
  17. Janeric Seidegård
    Pages 213-220
  18. Thierry Soussi, Jean Tredaniel, Richard Lubin, Gerard Zalcman, Albert Hirsh
    Pages 221-230
  19. Stephen Lam, Calum E. MacAulay
    Pages 231-237
  20. Melvyn S. Tockman, Tatyana A. Zhukov, Yener S. Erozan, William H. Westra, Jun Zhou, James L. Mulshine
    Pages 239-246
  21. J. K. Field, H. Ross, T. Liloglou, F. Scott, W. Prime, J. R. Gosney et al.
    Pages 247-261
  22. Ugo Pastorino
    Pages 263-272
  23. James L. Mulshine, Luigi M. De Luca, Robert L. Dedrick
    Pages 273-283
  24. Hirota Fujiki, Masami Suganuma, Atsumasa Komori, Sachiko Okabe, Eisaburo Sueoka, Naoko Sueoka et al.
    Pages 285-290
  25. Christian Schatz, Andrea Pavirani
    Pages 291-296
  26. Nadine Martinet, Michael Hogan
    Pages 313-316
  27. Back Matter
    Pages 319-326

About this book


Lung cancer is a disease with pandemic public health implications as it is now the leading cause of cancer mortality throughout the world. This book results from two recent International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer (IASLC) Workshops on lung cancer prevention. It strikes a balance between considering public health approaches to tobacco control and population-based screening, advances in clinical evaluation of chemoprevention approaches, and the biology of lung carcinogenesis. Indeed, while the science of smoking cessation is evolving as new pharmacological tools are moving into clinical evaluation, the current impact of molecular diagnostics is profound. The rapidly-evolving diagnostic technologies are revolutionizing basic scientific investigation of cancer, and this trend is expected to soon spill over into the clinical practice of medicine. The evolution of economical diagnostic platforms to allow for direct bronchial epithelial evaluation in high-risk populations promises to improve the diagnostic lead-time for this disease. The hope is that enough progress will occur to permit lung cancer detection in advance of clinical cancer so that the disease can be addressed early on, while it is still confined to the site of origin. Chemoprevention, which is designed to intervene in the early phase of carcinogenesis prior to any subjective clinical manifestation of a cancer, is also generating greater research interest. Moreover, the benefit of aerosolized administration of chemoprevention agents over conventional oral administration has strong appeal and may result in the reduction of the incidence of cancer when combined with new diagnostic technologies.


Public Health Respiratory research biology cancer cancer prevention cancer research carcinogenesis diagnostics medicine mortality prevention research screening

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