Metallothionein IV

  • Curtis D. Klaassen

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Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XLVI
  2. Metallothionein nomenclature and structure

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Yutaka Kojima, Pierre-Alain Binz, Jeremias H. R. Kägi
      Pages 3-6
    3. Pierre-Alain Binz, Jeremias H. R. Kägi
      Pages 7-13
    4. Milan Vašák, Ralf Bogumil, Peter Faller, Daniel W. Hasler, Pierre-Alain Binz, Stefan Klauser et al.
      Pages 15-21
    5. Gülin Öz, Dean L. Pountney, Ian M. Armitage
      Pages 37-43
    6. Sílvia Atrian, Roger Bofill, Mercè Capdevila, Neus Cols, Pilar González-Duarte, Roser González-Duarte et al.
      Pages 55-61
  3. Chemical and analytical aspects of metallothionein

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 71-71
    2. Vesa Virtanen, Guy Bordin
      Pages 93-97
    3. Ivana Šestáková, Pavel Mader, Hana Vodičková, Vìra Pacáková
      Pages 111-115
    4. Tomomi Nagashima, Masashi Okabe, Shigeru Saito, Masaaki Kurasaki, Toshitsugu Hirauchi, Shinzo Kimura et al.
      Pages 125-128
    5. Masaaki Kurasaki, Futoshi Yamasaki, Rie Yamaguchi, Ana Rosa Linde Arias, Masashi Okabe, Tadasu Emoto et al.
      Pages 129-136
    6. Yi Xiong, Yanjiao Zhou, Yiwu Chen, Binggen Ru
      Pages 145-153
  4. Metallothionein in non-mammalian tissues

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 155-155
    2. E. D. Thompson, P.-E. Olsson, G. D. Mayer, C. Haux, P. Walsh, C. Hogstrand
      Pages 157-165
    3. Vincenzo Carginale, Rosaria Scudiero, Antonio Capasso, Clemente Capasso, Gianluca Passaretti, Guido di Prisco et al.
      Pages 167-172
    4. Reinhard Dallinger, Burkhard Berger, Peter Hunziker, Jeremias H. R. Kägi
      Pages 173-178
    5. P.-E. Olsson, M. Gerpe, P. Kling
      Pages 179-185
    6. M. J. Bebianno, W. J. Langston
      Pages 187-194
  5. Transcription factors

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 213-213
    2. Richard D. Palmiter
      Pages 215-221
    3. Çagatay Günes, Rainer Heuchel, Oleg Georgiev, Karl-Heinz Müller, Silvia Marino, Adriano Aguzzi et al.
      Pages 223-226
    4. G. K. Andrews, D. Bittel, T. Dalton, N. Hu, W. Chu, M. Daggett et al.
      Pages 227-232
    5. Jeffrey A. Johnson, Jeffrey D. Moehlenkamp, Waihei Chu, Douglas Bittel, Glen K. Andrews
      Pages 233-236
    6. Shinji Koizumi, Yasumitsu Ogra, Kaoru Suzuki, Fuminori Otsuka
      Pages 237-241
    7. Pierre Moffat, Raffaella Faraonio, Olivier LaRochelle, Isabelle Delisle, René Saint-Arnaud, Carl Séguin
      Pages 243-249
    8. L. Gedamu, S. L.-A. Samson, S. Schieman, W. Paramchuk
      Pages 253-259
    9. James Koropatnick, Janice M. DeMoor, Olga M. Collins
      Pages 261-266
    10. Norio Itoh, Keiko Kasutani, Masako Kanekiyo, Tomoki Kimura, Norio Muto, Keiichi Tanaka
      Pages 267-272
    11. Keiji Suzuki, Kyoumi Nakazato, Katsuyuki Nakajima
      Pages 287-288
  6. Role of metallothionein in reproduction, development and cell proliferation

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 289-289
    2. M. George Cherian, John C. Lau, Margarita D. Apostolova, Lu Cai
      Pages 291-294
    3. Chiharu Tohyama, Junko S. Suzuki, Hisao Nishimura, Noriko Nishimura
      Pages 295-300
    4. A. M. Rofe, J. C. Philcox, M. Sturkenboom, P. Coyle
      Pages 309-313

About this book


The Proceedings of the Fourth International Metallothionein Meeting (MT-97) feature the latest research on metallothionein. The book covers a broad range of topics which provide important information for both basic and clinical investigators. The selected 94 articles in this book are written by the leading scientists in the field around the world. This is an increasingly important, multi-disciplinary area of study that has benefitted from recent advances in concepts and methodologies from other fields.


DNA apoptosis autoimmune disease cell culture gene expression kidney metabolism mitochondria mutation protein protein engineering proteins synthesis tissue transcription

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