High Throughput Screening for Novel Anti-Inflammatories

  • Michael Kahn

Part of the Progress in Inflammation Research book series (PIR)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xi
  2. Mohamed A. Iqbal, Mark A. Ator
    Pages 19-34
  3. Tariq Ghayur, Sheryl J. Hays, Robert V. Talanian
    Pages 35-48
  4. William A. Metz, Norton P. Peet
    Pages 49-85
  5. M. Anthony Leesnitzer, D. Mark Bickett, Marcia L. Moss, J. David Becherer
    Pages 87-100
  6. Kenneth D. Rice, William R. Moore
    Pages 101-121
  7. Falguni Dasgupta
    Pages 123-144
  8. Kerry W. Fowler, David T. Crowe
    Pages 145-163
  9. Brion W. Murray, Yoshitaka Satoh, Bernd Stein
    Pages 165-191
  10. Mark J. Suto, Anthony M. Manning
    Pages 193-204
  11. Terry L. Bowlin, Stephen D. Yanofsky, Herman Schreuder
    Pages 205-222
  12. Back Matter
    Pages 255-258

About this book


Combinatorial chemistry in conjunction with High Throughput Screening (HTS) is revolutionizing the drug discovery process. Yet, we have much to learn about the integration of these powerful techniques with information from genomics, proteomics, computation and pharmacokinetics before dramatic increases in the drug discovery/development processes can be achieved. The chapters in this book represent the state of the art regarding the integration of combinatorial chemistry and HTS in connection with anti-inflammatory targets. Obviously, there is much work to be done beyond what is described in this text, nevertheless, it should set the stage for creative thinking among scientists of many disciplines for the accomplishment of our ultimate goals in treating inflammatory diseases.


chemistry diseases drug drug discovery genome kinetics pharmacokinetics

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