Free Radicals and Aging

  • Ingrid Emerit
  • Britton Chance

Part of the EXS book series (EXS, volume 62)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-x
  2. The Intrinsic Aging Process

    1. Theoretical Considerations

      1. Denham Harman
        Pages 1-10
      2. Michael G. Simic
        Pages 20-30
      3. Jaime Miquel, Emilio de Juan, Inmaculada Sevila
        Pages 47-57
    2. Biochemical Markers of Aging

      1. Britton Chance, William W. Bank, Cheng-dou Zhang
        Pages 58-63
      2. E. R. Stadtman, P. E. Starke-Reed, C. N. Oliver, J. M. Carney, R. A. Floyd
        Pages 64-72
      3. Massoud R. Marzabadi, Dazhong Yin, Ulf T. Brunk
        Pages 78-88
      4. José Remacle, Carine Michiels, Martine Raes
        Pages 99-108
      5. G. Barja de Quiroga, M. López-Torres, R. Pérez-Campo
        Pages 109-123
      6. Werner G. Siems, Tilman Grune, Beatrix Beierl, Helmward Zollner, Hermann Esterbauer
        Pages 124-135
      7. J. Viña, J. Sastre, V. Anton, L. Bruseghini, A. Esteras, M. Asensi
        Pages 136-144
  3. Age-Related Diseases

    1. Cardiovascular System

      1. Hermann Esterbauer, Georg Waeg, Herbert Puhl, M. Dieber-Rotheneder, Franz Tatzber
        Pages 145-157
      2. Nicole Dousset, Jean Claude Dousset, Marie Laure Soléra, Pierre Valdiguié
        Pages 158-163
      3. Daniel Boscoboinik, Eric Chatelain, Gianna-M. Bartoli, Angelo Azzi
        Pages 164-177
    2. Brain

    3. Cancer

      1. Bernadette M. Hannigan, Shirley-Ann M. Richardson, P. Gerald McKenna
        Pages 247-250
      2. C. E. P. Goldring, W. L. Hu, N. R. Rao, C. Rice-Evans, R. H. Burdon, A. T. Diplock
        Pages 251-256
      3. Pierre Bienvenu, Laurent Caron, Didier Gasparutto, Jean-François Kergonou
        Pages 257-265
    4. Eye Disease

    5. Cartilage, Collagen and Skin

      1. Y. Henrotin, G. Deby-Dupont, C. Deby, P. Franchimont, I. Emerit
        Pages 308-322
      2. J. C. Monboisse, J. P. Borel
        Pages 323-327
      3. Ingrid Emerit
        Pages 328-341
    6. Diabetes, Gastrointestinal Tract

      1. Alan J. Sinclair, Joseph Lunec, Alan J. Girling, Anthony H. Barnett
        Pages 342-352
      2. Toshikazu Yoshikawa, Shuji Takahashi, Motoharu Kondo
        Pages 353-358
  4. Epidemiologic Studies, Nutrition and Antioxidant Supplementation

    1. Yves Artur, Bernard Herbeth, Laila Guémouri, Edith Lecomte, Claude Jeandel, Gérard Siest
      Pages 359-367
    2. M. Simonoff, C. Sergeant, N. Garnier, P. Moretto, Y. Llabador, G. Simonoff et al.
      Pages 368-397
    3. J. J. Strain, C. W. Mulholland
      Pages 419-422
    4. Abraham Z. Reznick, Eric H. Witt, Michael Silbermann, Lester Packer
      Pages 423-427
    5. Guilherme Paulo Deucher
      Pages 428-437
  5. Back Matter
    Pages 438-443

About this book


Among the various theories proposed to account for the process of aging, the free radical theory is of practical interest since it includes the possibility of retarding this process by administrating natural or synthetic antioxidants and free radical scavengers. The book "Free Radicals and Aging" summarizes knowledge accumulated during recent years in 42 reviews written by experts in the field. Aspects of free radical involvement in the intrinsic aging process and in age-related diseases, as well as the importance of the pro-antioxidant balance throughout life are discussed. Epidemiological studies from several European countries are reported showing correlations between low plasma levels of essential antioxidants and the occurence of coronary heart disease, cancer and cataract formation. Appropriate nutrition as well as prophylactic and therapeutic use of antioxidants are considered. This book represents a milestone in the field of age-related free radical biology and medicine. With contributions by: A. Azzi, B. Chance, R.G. Cutler, H. Esterbauer, P.H. Evans, F. Gey, C. Guarneri, D. Harman, N.I. Krinsky, M. Meydani, J. Miquel, A. Mori, L. Packer, C. Rice-Evans, M. Simic, A. Taylor, T. Yoshikawa.


Alzheimer DNA Lipid Oxidation age biology dementia enzymes metabolism proteins

Editors and affiliations

  • Ingrid Emerit
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  • Britton Chance
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  1. 1.C.N.R.S., Institut Biomédical des CordeliersUniversité Pierre et Marie CurieParisFrance
  2. 2.Department of Biochemistry and BiophysicsUniversity of PennsylvaniaPhiladelphiaUSA

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