Progress in Drug Research / Fortschritte der Arzneimittelforschung / Progrès des recherches pharmaceutiques

  • Authors
  • A. F. Casy
  • P. F. D’Arcy
  • E. M. Scott
  • H. P. Kuemmerle
  • I. Oswald
  • O. Schier
  • A. Marxer
  • L. H. Sternbach
  • D. L. Swallow
  • J. Venulet
  • Ernst Jucker

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages 1-7
  2. Jan Venulet
    Pages 9-25
  3. O. Schier, A. Marxer
    Pages 27-91
  4. P. F. D’Arcy, E. M. Scott
    Pages 93-147
  5. Leo H. Sternbach
    Pages 229-266
  6. D. L. Swallow
    Pages 267-326
  7. Ian Oswald
    Pages 355-372
  8. Back Matter
    Pages 373-412

About this book


Volume 22 of 'Progress in Drug Research' contains 8 contributions from vari­ ous areas of drug research and therapy. As in previous volumes, in the present volume the authors have also tried not only to summarize the current status of particular fields of drug research, but also to provide leads for future research activity. The various contributions in this volume will be of especial value not only to those actively concerned in resolving the diverse problems in drug research, but also to those who wish to keep abreast of the latest developments influencing modem therapy. In addition, it is believed that volume 22 and the previous 21 volumes of 'Progress in Drug Research' so far published represent a useful reference work of an encyclopaedic character. The editor would also like to take this opportunity of expressing his gratitude to those who reviewed the previous volumes of this series of monographs and, by doing so gave useful advice for the future volumes. At the same time, thanks are expressed to Dr. A. Naf for carefully working over the manuscripts and correcting proofs. Thanks are also due to the publishers and the printers, Druckerei Birkhauser, especially to Messrs. Th. Birkhauser and C. Einsele. Unfortunately, this is the last volume which went into ptess during Dr. A. Birkhauser's lifetime; he passed away on March 4, 1978 and the editor would like to stress the fact'tl;tat.


Arzneimittel Arzneimittelforschung drug drug discovery drug research research

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