Thermal Analysis

Vol 1 Theory Instrumentation Applied Sciences Industrial Applications

  • H. G. Wiedemann

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XIII
  2. Award and Plenary Lectures

  3. Theory

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 27-27
    2. Z. Sz. Kolenda, J. Norwisz, N. Hajduk
      Pages 41-50
    3. C. Comel, J. Veron, C. Bouster, P. Vermande
      Pages 51-56
    4. Jürgen Moll, Detlef Krug, Dorothee Zepf
      Pages 57-62
    5. M. Arnold, G. E. Veress, J. Paulik, F. Paulik
      Pages 69-73
    6. A. Mokhlisse, G. Bertrand, M. Lallemant, N. Roudergues
      Pages 81-86
    7. Gy. Kiss, K. Seybold, T. Meisel
      Pages 87-92
    8. T. P. Prasad, M. S. R. Swami
      Pages 119-125
    9. S. Suriñach, M. D. Baró, F. Tejerina
      Pages 155-160
  4. Instrumentation

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 161-161
    2. J. C. Tou, L. F. Whiting, D. I. Townsend
      Pages 177-182
    3. S. Gál, J. Sztatisz, L. Fodor
      Pages 189-194
    4. Akikazu Maesono, Masahiko Ichihasi, Koichiro Takaoka, Akira Kishi
      Pages 195-200
    5. Paul D. Garn, Oscar Menis, Hans-Georg Wiedemann
      Pages 201-206
    6. Bengt O. Haglund, Torsten Luks
      Pages 207-212
    7. Akikazu Maesono, Masahiko Ichihashi, Akira Kishi, Koichiro Takaoka, Zenshiro Hara, Kiyoaki Akechi
      Pages 219-224
    8. B. Andrejs, J. P. Schulz, E. Wappler
      Pages 225-230
    9. E. L. Charsley, J. Joannou, A. C. F. Kamp, M. R. Ottaway, J. P. Redfern
      Pages 237-244
    10. Michio Maruta, Yoshiomi Kunimatsu, Kiyotsugu Yamada
      Pages 259-264
    11. R. L. Fyans, J. S. Mayer, W. P. Brennan
      Pages 265-271
    12. E. Wappler, U. Kurpjuweit
      Pages 273-277
    13. E. L. Charsley, A. C. F. Kamp, Jennifer A. Rumsey
      Pages 285-291

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