Innovation, Economic Change and Technology Policies

Proceedings of a Seminar on Technological Innovation held in Bonn, Federal Republic of Germany, April 5 to 9, 1976

  • Karl A. Stroetmann

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  2. Introduction

    1. V. Hauff
      Pages 1-4
  3. The Process of Technological Innovation

  4. The Economics of Technological Innovation

  5. Government Policies and Technological Innovation

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    Pages 349-351

About these proceedings


Technological progress is a major factor chaping economic growth. Today's standard of living is a direct result of scientific advances and technical change in the past. Since uncontrolled technological progress has become amenace to our well­ being and may actually threat our survival, it is necessary to learn to manage technological progress and direct innovative activities in such a manner that both private wants and social needs playa dominant role in determining the rate and direction of technical change. This requires a better understanding of the processes of technical change, of their impact on and interrelationships with economic and social developments and of the means and measures by which both individuals and governments can influence and direct technological progress. To this end, the Ninistry for Research and Technology of the Federal Republ ic of Germany and the National Science Foundation of the Uni ted States of America invited a group of scholars, corporate managers and civil servants to a one week seminar on "Technolo­ gical Innovation". The seminar took place in April, 1976, in Bonn, Federal Republ ic of Germany. Most papers presented at this meeting were specifically prepared for the seminar. With this volume, they are made available to a larger audience to further stimulate discussion not only among scholars interested in innovation research and technology policy questions but also among managers, union officials, civil ser­ vants and others directly or indirectly concerned with and affected by technical change.


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