Molecular Oncology and Clinical Applications

  • A. Cittadini
  • R. Baserga
  • H. M. Pinedo
  • T. Galeotti
  • D. Corda

Part of the MCBU Molecular and Cell Biology Updates book series (MCBU)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-ix
  2. Molecular aspects of cell transformation and growth

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. G. Vecchio, A. Fusco, M. Grieco, M. Santoro, M. T. Berlingieri, M. A. Pierotti et al.
      Pages 15-23
    3. G. Gaudino, L. Gandino, M. F. Di Renzo, S. Giordano, A. Graziani, L. Naldini et al.
      Pages 59-74
    4. S. Alberti, M. Stella, R. Dell’ Arciprete, C. Bucci, A. Naglieri, M. Nutini et al.
      Pages 75-82
    5. M. Genuardi, P. Tanci, S. Greggi, G. Scambia, R. Cento, G. Neri
      Pages 83-87
    6. D. Bossi, F. I. Wolf, G. Calviello, L. Lauro, G. Curigliano, A. Romito et al.
      Pages 89-94
    7. S. Borrello, M. E. De Leo, T. Galeotti
      Pages 103-107
  3. Membrane receptors and signal transduction

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 109-109
    2. I. B. Weinstein, S. N. Guadagno, Ch. Borner, A. Cacace, S. Kahn, K. O’Driscoll
      Pages 123-128
    3. P. J. Parker, A. Carozzi, L. Dekker, R. S. Ginger, N. Goode, S. Kiley et al.
      Pages 129-136
    4. C. J. Marshall, L. R. Howe, S. J. Leevers, H. F. Paterson, S. G. Thorneycroft
      Pages 137-139
    5. E. Sturani, R. Zippel, E. Martegani, M. Vanoni, C. Ferrari, P. Coccetti et al.
      Pages 147-151
    6. G. Pagès, A. Brunet, J-C. Chambard, G. L’Allemain, P. Lenormand, J. Pouysségur
      Pages 153-164
    7. D. Boscoboinik, T. Galeotti, A. Azzi
      Pages 181-189
    8. M. L. Eboli, M. T. Ciotti, D. Mercanti, A. M. Salvatore, L. Castellani
      Pages 191-196
    9. G. A. Puca, N. Medici, C. Abbondanza, V. Nigro, A. M. Molinari
      Pages 197-210
  4. Models for new therapeutical strategies

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 211-211
    2. A. Mantovani, B. Bottazzi, S. Sozzani, G. Peri, P. Allavena, C. Garlanda et al.
      Pages 229-234
    3. M. Brunetti, P. Musiani, A. Modica, G. Forni, P. Nanni, F. Pericle et al.
      Pages 235-241
    4. G. Parmiani, F. Arienti, F. Belli, M. Santinami, M. Vaglini, N. Cascinelli
      Pages 243-252
    5. G. Leone, S. Sica, L. Teofili, S. Rutella, S. Iovino, L. Pierelli et al.
      Pages 261-265
    6. Y. S. Cho-Chung, A. Cereseto, A. Budillon, T. Clair, Ch. Rohlff
      Pages 267-278
    7. S. Meschini, A. Calcabrini, P. Matarrese, L. Marcocci, P. Pietrangeli, A. Candiloro et al.
      Pages 285-290
    8. G. Carpinelli, R. Canese, E. Proietti, F. Podo
      Pages 291-296
    9. M. Shinitzky, A. Eisenthal, V. Ramakrishna, R. Abulafia
      Pages 297-311
  5. Clinical applications

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 313-313
    2. M. Salvatore, S. Del Vecchio, S. Lastoria
      Pages 315-320
    3. G. Flamini, A. Sgambato, G. Calvisi, L. Ventura, T. Ventura, A. Cittadini
      Pages 321-325
    4. H. M. Pinedo, C. H. Smorenburg, G. Giaccone
      Pages 335-346
    5. K. D. Schnackerz, B. Podschun, P. F. Cook
      Pages 347-352
    6. H. T. Mouridsen
      Pages 375-383

About this book


The basic knowledge of cell biology and molecular genetics in oncology is increasingly attracting the interest of clinical oncologists and is close to reaching a helpful application at the bedside. At present, it seems clear that the solution of the cancer problem lies within the comprehension of the intimate mechanisms leading to cell transformation and tumor progression as weIl as of the cancer-host relationship. According to this rationale every achievement in this context could drastically improve both diagnosis and therapy of neoplastic diseases. This={)ook represents the proceedings of the International Conference o~ Cancer: Biological Mechanisms and Clinical Applications, held in Rome on November 16-18, 1992. The meeting was organized by the Centro di Ricerche Oncologiche "Giovanni XXIII" of the Catholic University of Rome and the Consorzio Mario Negri Sud of S. M. Imbaro in collaboration with other colleagues from the Universities of Napoli and Bologna. As organizers and pmticipants to the Conference we think the meeting was a success, as was confirmed by the great interest raised in scientific and academic circles. The book collects contributions from leading scientists in all oncological m·eas ranging from molecular biology to immunology, diagnosis and therapy. The papers are organized into four sections: I - Molecular aspects of cell transformation and growth; II - Membrane receptors and signal transduction; III - Models for new therapeutical strategies; IV - Clinical Applications, following the strategy that chm·acterized the entire meeting: from molecule to bedside.


cancer cancer research carcinogenesis cell genetics immunotherapy interferon leukemia macrophages membrane molecular biology molecular genetics oncology receptor tumor

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