11th International Conference on High-Energy Accelerators

Geneva, Switzerland, July 7–11, 1980

  • W. S. Newman

Part of the Experientia Supplementum book series (EXS, volume 40)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages N2-xxii
  2. Opening Addresses

    1. J. B. Adams, M. Peter
      Pages 1-3
  3. Accelerators

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 5-5
    2. Accelerators recently come into service

      1. J. M. Paterson
        Pages 7-15
      2. PETRA Storage Ring Group
        Pages 16-25
      3. The CESR Operations Group
        Pages 26-37
      4. A. Febel, G. Hemmie
        Pages 43-46
    3. Accelerators: progress in approved projects

      1. A. I. Ageyev, V. I. Balbekov, Yu. P. Dmitrevsky, A. F. Dunaitsev, Yu. S. Fedotov, V. I. Gridasov et al.
        Pages 60-70
      2. The BPS Design Group
        Pages 71-78
      3. J. Gareyte
        Pages 79-91
      4. The Fermilab Scientific Staff
        Pages 92-102
      5. George P. Lawrence, Richard K. Cooper, Daniel W. Hudgings, George Spalek, Andrew J. Jason, Edward F. Higgins et al.
        Pages 103-109
      6. S. Penner, P. H. Debenham, D. C. Green, E. R. Lindstrom, D. L. Mohr, M. A. D. Wilson et al.
        Pages 110-114
      7. Y. Cho, R. J. Holt, H. E. Jackson, T. K. Khoe, G. S. Mavrogenes
        Pages 115-119
    4. Accelerator projects not yet approved

      1. B. H. Wiik
        Pages 120-143
      2. A. Hutton
        Pages 156-167
      3. B. Richter, R. A. Bell, K. L. Brown, A. W. Chao, J. Clendenin, K. F. Crook et al.
        Pages 168-188
      4. S. Conetti, K. W. Edwards, R. J. Hemingway, D. E. Johnson, J. McKeown, F. Mills et al.
        Pages 189-195
      5. K. H. Althoff, W. Brefeld, W. von Drachenfels, H. M. Fischer, M. Hofmann, D. Husmann et al.
        Pages 196-200
    5. Accelerators for special applications

      1. D. Keefe, A. M. Sessler
        Pages 201-214
      2. R. L. Martin, R. Arnold, R. Burke, J. Watson
        Pages 215-219
      3. K. Blasche, D. Böhne, B. Franzke
        Pages 220-228
      4. A. M. Baldin, Yu. D. Beznogikh, K. V. Chekhlov, E. D. Donets, I. B. Issinsky, A. D. Kirillov et al.
        Pages 229-231
      5. J. Tanaka, K. Huke, M. Kihara, M. Kobayashi, S. Sato, S. Shibata et al.
        Pages 242-246
      6. M. K. Craddock
        Pages 247-258
  4. Accelerator Techniques and Technology

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 259-259
    2. C. Ankenbrandt, C. Curtis, C. Hojvat, R. P. Johnson, C. Owen, C. Schmidt et al.
      Pages 260-271
    3. Yu. M. Ado, M. F. Ovchinnikov, V. A. Vazhenin
      Pages 272-276
    4. Daniel W. Hudgings, Andrew J. Jason
      Pages 277-282
    5. M. G. Nagaenko, E. M. Reshetnikova, Yu. P. Severgin, I. A. Shukeilo
      Pages 283-287
    6. N. I. Venikov, E. L. Duman, L. I. Menshikov, V. E. Yarosh, I. S. Dmitriev, V. P. Zaikov
      Pages 288-292
    7. Yu. M. Ado, V. L. Bruck, A. S. Gurevich, K. P. Lomov, E. A. Myae, E. F. Troyanov
      Pages 293-298
    8. J. P. Delahaye, G. Gelato, L. Magnani, G. Nassibian, F. Pedersen, K. H. Reich et al.
      Pages 299-304
    9. A. Faugier, M. Gyr, V. Hatton, A. Hilaire, R. Lauckner, J. Miles et al.
      Pages 305-309
    10. P. E. Faugeras, A. Faugier, A. Hilaire
      Pages 310-314
    11. H. Nesemann, J. Susta, F. Wedtstein, K. Wille
      Pages 315-319
    12. H. D. Bremer, H. C. Dehne, H. C. Lewin, H. Mais, R. Neumann, R. Rossmanith et al.
      Pages 320-325
    13. R. Cappi, W. E. K. Hardt, Ch. P. Steinbach
      Pages 335-340
    14. S. Ninomiya, H. Ikeda, S. Mitsunobu, Y. Sakamoto, H. Sato, M. Takasaki et al.
      Pages 341-344
    15. B. F. Bayanov, A. D. Chernyakin, V. N. Karasyuc, G. I. Silvestrov, T. A. Vsevolozhskaya, V. G. Volohov et al.
      Pages 362-368
    16. V. V. Vasiliev, N. A. Galyaev, K. I. Gubrienko, V. N. Zapol’sky, V. G. Zarucheysky, V. I. Kotov et al.
      Pages 369-374
    17. Robert B. Palmer
      Pages 375-384
    18. Chr. Falland, H. Hartwig, J. S. Kouptsidis, R. Kueppershaus, G. Schumann, M. Schwartz et al.
      Pages 385-389

About this book


The Conference timetable had to be so arranged as to spread the main topics over several separate sessions. It was therefore decided to publish the material in these Proceedings under nine subject headings, irrespective of session. Within each chapter, which is preceded by a list of the sessions featuring the subject, all papers, invited and contributed, whether presented at the Conference or accepted for publication only, have been arranged in some lo­ gical order. The reports of the four Panel Discussions were edited or summarized by the respective Moderator in consultation with Panel Members. In one instance, shortened versions of the Introductory Papers precede the discussion. Where possible, verbatim accounts of the often lively exchanges have been retained. The customary catalogue of high-energy acceler­ ators has been published separately. The continuing world-wide activities in accelerator research, witl1 its ever larger pro­ jects, are reflected by the numerous contributions accepted for inclusion in these Proceedings, which have reached the limit of what a single volume can manageably contain, while making rapid publication even harder to achieve. All the more reason to extend the gratitude of all con­ cerned to those involved in the chain of production: - To the authors, for their prompt handing-in or timely posting of their papers. Thanks also to their secretaries who followed the guidelines for the presentation of camera-ready copy.


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