Industrial Robots / Robots industriels / Industrie-Roboter

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  • Christof W. Burckhardt
Conference proceedings

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  2. S. Balmer
    Pages 9-9
  3. C. W. Burckhardt
    Pages 10-10
  4. W. G. Lamb
    Pages 11-11
  5. K. Aareskjold
    Pages 12-12
  6. X. B. Ghali
    Pages 13-13
  7. R. J. Popplestone
    Pages 16-16
  8. D. Helms
    Pages 17-17
  9. C. W. Burckhardt, M.-O. Demaurex
    Pages 18-18
  10. S. Balmer
    Pages 22-33
  11. C. W. Burckhardt
    Pages 34-52
  12. W. G. Lamb
    Pages 53-67
  13. Xavier B. Ghali
    Pages 92-96
  14. R. J. Popplestone, G. F. Crawford, C. M. Brown, A. P. Ambler
    Pages 134-151
  15. D. Helms
    Pages 152-167
  16. C. W. Burckhardt, M.-O. Demaurex
    Pages 168-175
  17. François Pruvot
    Pages 201-217
  18. Back Matter
    Pages 218-225

About these proceedings


The Industrial Robot-a programmable device capable of executing autonomously a number of manipulations in a production line--opens new perspectives in terms of progress in the mechan­ ization of industrial production. It ought to be able to liberate man from dangerous, unpleasant and monotonous work. Industrial Robots made their first appearance in the USA in 1962 where they were mainly used in the automobile industry. Since then the number of manufacturers has increased substantially and Industrial Robots are currently finding ever widening fields of application. Anyone wishing to learn something about Industrial Robots is somewhat confined to conferences and their proceedings as these are at the moment the best way to keep abreast of developments in this new and complex field. The "Journees de Microtechnique" take place every two years at the Swiss Institute of Technology in Lausanne and treat a different subject of current interest on each occasion. The subject chosen for October 1974 was the Industrial Robot in general. together with its precision engineering aspects. The present proceedings although somewhat heterogenious, provide abrief introduction to this field and record the state of this technique, of a marked interdisciplinary nature, which is in constant and rapid development.


constant control controlling design development field language mechanics production programming programming language robot system technology

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