Introduction to Hyperfunctions and Their Integral Transforms

An Applied and Computational Approach

  • Urs Graf

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About this book


This textbook presents an elementary introduction to generalized functions by using Sato's approach of hyperfunctions which is based on complex function theory. This very intuitive and appealing approach has particularly great computational power.


The concept of hyperfunctions and their analytic properties is introduced and discussed in detail in the first two chapters of the book. Thereafter the focus lies on generalizing the (classical) Laplace, Fourier, Hilbert, Mellin, and Hankel transformations to hyperfunctions. Applications to integral and differential equations and a rich variety of concrete examples accompany the text throughout the book.


Requiring only standard knowledge of the theory of complex variables, the material is easily accessible for advanced undergraduate or graduate students. It serves as well as a reference for researchers in pure and applied mathematics, engineering and physics.



DEX Fourier transform Hyperfunction Integral equation computation distribution equation form function functions generalized function integral integral transform variable

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