Advances in Ring Theory

  • Dinh Van Huynh
  • Sergio R. López-Permouth
Conference proceedings

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  2. Alejandro Alvarado García, Hugo Alberto Rincón Mejía, José Ríos Montes
    Pages 19-36
  3. Howard E. Bell, Yuanlin Li
    Pages 37-46
  4. Gary F. Birkenmeier, Jae Keol Park, S. Tariq Rizvi
    Pages 47-61
  5. W. D. Burgess, A. Lashgari, A. Mojiri
    Pages 69-81
  6. Victor Camillo, Pace P. Nielsen
    Pages 83-84
  7. Mitrofan M. Choban, Mihail I. Ursul
    Pages 85-111
  8. John Dauns
    Pages 113-129
  9. Alberto Facchini, Nicola Girardi
    Pages 149-164
  10. Dinesh Khurana, Greg Marks, Ashish K. Srivastava
    Pages 205-212
  11. Greg Marks, Markus Schmidmeier
    Pages 229-237
  12. Saad H. Mohamed
    Pages 239-255
  13. D. S. Passman
    Pages 257-268
  14. Zur Izhakian, Louis Rowen
    Pages 283-302
  15. Le Van Thuyet, Truong Cong Quynh
    Pages 327-334
  16. Yiqiang Zhou
    Pages 335-345

About these proceedings


This volume consists of refereed research and expository articles by both plenary and other speakers at the International Conference on Algebra and Applications held at Ohio University in June 2008, to honor S.K. Jain on his 70th birthday. The articles are on a wide variety of areas in classical ring theory and module theory, such as rings satisfying polynomial identities, rings of quotients, group rings, homological algebra, injectivity and its generalizations, etc. Included are also applications of ring theory to problems in coding theory and in linear algebra.


Homological algebra Lattice Lie algebras algebra lattice theory module theory ring theory

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